Cocos-BCX Launched Ecosystem Incentive Plan Globally

Jun 28, 2019 · 4 min read

As a platform for Next-Gen Digital Game Economy, we are excited to find how blockchain can improve the game industry, and always believe in the power of Community.

To this end, we are happy to launch Cocos-BCX Ecosystem Incentive Plan, promoting the engagement of both developer and non-developer communities, as well as the collaborative efforts in building a thriving ecosystem.

What is Cocos-BCX Ecosystem Incentive Plan

Cocos-BCX Ecosystem Incentive Plan falls into the following two categories:

  • Cocos-BCX Buidler.

Developer teams or individuals who want to build on top of or integrate their product with Cocos-BCX.

  • Cocos-BCX Angel.

Community teams or individuals who want to contribute to community growth , marketing and education of Cocos-BCX.

Cocos-BCX offers a total of 210 million COCOS to reward the contributions made by participants to Cocos-BCX’s global ecosystem. The incentive will be distributed in three months, that is, 70 million COCOS per month.

Ranking Criteria

Cocos-BCX Foundation will make an assessment on the contributions with reference to the following aspects corresponding to different categories.

  • Cocos-BCX Buidlers

a. Tools

– Development cost, which involves the difficulty and workload of development.

– Completeness in core functions and additional functions.

– User Friendliness

– User feedback

b. DApps (mainly Dgames)

– Game quality (gameplay, visual art, audio, animation, special effects, etc. )

– User numbers

– Cooperation level( To what extend it is integrated with Cocos-BCX platform )

– Genre of the game.

  • Cocos-BCX Angels

a. Community Operation

– Community size

– Community activeness(monthly/daily active users, user engagement in the group )

– Community online and offline events (number of participants, cost, converted new users, etc. )

b. Content

– Content creation (marketing and educational articles, videos, infographics, etc)

– Content distribution (distribution platforms, reads, likes, reposts, etc.)

Application and admission

Application for Cocos-BCX Ecosystem Incentive Plan is based on “self application & community recommendation”.

To apply for Cocos-BCX Ecosystem Incentive Plan, please use the Application Form Please fill out the application form as detailed as possible. The more details provided the bigger chance to be selected.

Upon receipt of the applications, Cocos-BCX Foundation will review and assess the applicants’ work and announce the admitted Builder and Angels of the current month.

Cocos-BCX will open up an “Incentive” page on the official website to keep community up to date of the outcome.

Contribution ranking and reward distribution

Cocos-BCX Ecosystem Incentive Plan contributions are rated according to the following four steps.

a. Monthly contribution report

The admitted Buidlers and Angels need to submit monthly contribution reports with detailed elaboration on the work done.

b. Evaluation and assessment by Foundation

Cocos-BCX Foundation will evaluate the submitted monthly reports and rate the Buidlers and Angels into 4 rankings.

c. Post of pre-ranking and public debate

The Foundation will post a pre-ranking based on internal evaluation for public debate.Community and participants can raise questions or make appeal if they do not agree on the pre-ranking. Foundation will collect all the feedbacks and questions.

d. Announcement of final ranking

Foundation will organize a monthly summary meeting with admitted Builders & Angels to review community feedbacks during public debate. Final assessment will be made upon further verification and clarification during the meeting. Final ranking will be announced and published on Cocos-BCX official website.

The Incentive distribution

a. Before the COCOS token generation, Cocos Buidlers’ & Angels’ contribution rewards will all be recorded, and will be distributed together after token generation event.

b. After COCOS token generation, the contribution rewards will be distributed on monthly basis to the Buidlers and Angels as per final ranking of each month.

If you have any questions regarding the application, you can reach out to Cocos-BCX team in discord.


Official Blog of Cocos-BCX, A Full Stack Development Platform for Next-Gen Digital Game Economy


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Official Blog of Cocos-BCX, A Full Stack Development Platform for Next-Gen Digital Game Economy

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