Cocos-BCX Monthly Report — April, 2019

Hello Everyone,

The following is Cocos-BCX Monthly Report — April, 2019. Let’s have a look at the progress that has been made by the awesome Cocos-BCX team on April.


Core Technical Progress: 9 technical tasks were completed, another one is in progress.

Official web has been updated.

Code Open Sourced: Cocos-BCX codes were open sourced and relevant documentation had been published.

EcoPartnerships: NEO. Game Developer Guide and Cocos engine plugin have been released recently.

Events : 2 online events and 1 offline workshops.

Social Media & Reports: 13 articles and 1 news press

Previews of Marketing Campaign on May

1. Technological Progress

1.1 Completed

1) Adjusted account information parameters;

2) Optimized the contract function for NH assets creation;

3) Separated the intermediate code of the objects within the contract;

4) Improved transaction logic and transfer logic of homogeneous assets based on blacklist and whitelist designs of the same;

5) Provided developers with access to the op serialized prototype;

6) Added a formatted output function;

7) Optimized the restriction mechanism for modifying the contract;

8) Optimized the record logic of unpackaged transactions;

9) Optimized the fee-deduction mechanism;

1.2 In Progress

Optimizing the authorization for NH asset transfer.

2. Website Upgrade

In the upgraded website, the contents of English and Chinese versions have been integrated with synchronized information. Key visual and content distribution have been updated as well, to a large extent, with more reasonable and convenient locations for viewing and searching. On the top of the pages, users can easily find Programs and Documents for Developers, Bounty, Ecosystem Products (which are already online), Project News, Explorer of Blocks, and About Us. White Paper has been moved into About Us, which can be accessed from the page of the latter, or through the dropdown menu of the same.

Click to visit the updated website:

To read the changelog for more details:

3. Code Open Sourced

During the Game Developers Conference (GDC) on March 19, 2019, Chen Haozhi, the founder of Cocos-BCX, open-sourced the Cocos-BCX code. Since then, more content has been open-sourced in Cocos-BCX Github,






Loom Cocos SDK

4. EcoPartnerships

NEO. Game Developer Guide has been released recently, in which two mainstream game engines Unity and Cocos provide the support for blockchain games.

Cocos engine plugin:

It can be added into Cocos Creator to efficiently develop blockchain games and publish them on NEO main chain. The plugin will be submitted to Cocos Store ( in May for download by blockchain game developers.

5. Events

Online Events

1. Invite your friends, since Cocos-BCX community welfare activity has launched again.

In early April, Cocos-BCX launched a 4-day community welfare activity, granting each user three chances per day to win prizes. All the winning prizes could be superimposed. For more details, click

2. The documentary — I Am A Game Developer has gone online, accompanied by Cocos-BCX’s activity of red envelopes with a password.

On April 25, the documentary “I Am A Game Developer” went online officially on Youku. To celebrate it, Cocos-BCX United Labs launched a 7-day movie-watching activity (from April 25 to May 1), in which a few watchers sending bullet screen were selected every day for Alipay password red envelopes ranging from CNY 1 to CNY 199 at random. Meanwhile, the Alipay password for large amount were sent to video bullet screen at 8:00 every day. Please pay attention to it.

Offline Event

On April 25 to 26, the 3rd Crypto Games Conference (CGC) was held in Minsk, Belarus. Cocos-BCX was invited to give the opening speech. Caterina Zhang, Global Market Director of Cocos-BCX, shared his views on the theme of Innovation of Empowering Blockchain Game.


6. Social Media & Reports


1. Innovative Zhongguancun reported that Cocos Developer Salon has been providing a communication and cooperation platform for developers and technology providers.

2. Cocos-BCX: An environment of leapfrog development for DApps and digital assets.

3. After The Avengers 4, how to renew our heroes.


1. Cocos-BCX: Leap-Ahead Environment for DApps and Digital Assets.

2. Cocos-BCX Alpha Testing Now Opens to Developers Globally.

3. Cocos-BCX: Empowering innovations in blockchain games.

4. Cocos-BCX:Empowering Innovations in Blockchain Gaming.

5. BLOCKCHAIN NEWSCocos is Revolutionizing Gaming (Again) with Cocos-BCX.

6. Cocos-BCX: Entorno Leap-Ahead Para DApps Y Activos Digitales.

7. Cocos BCX, a Scalar Shift in the realm of Blockchain Gaming: Review.

8. Blockchain Gaming is On the Verge of a Scalar Shift: Courtesy of Cocos-BCX.


1. DAppsプラットフォーム「Cocos-BCX」の藤田氏に独占インタビュー!バイナンスラボからの出資・世界のモバイルゲームエンジンシェア2位

2. 2.OCOS-BCXとは?ブロックチェーン対応ゲーミングプラットフォーム

3. Cocos-BCXのココスだよ〜!

7. Previews

  1. Cocos-BCX will participate in Consensus 2019 from May 13 to 15 on New York Hilton Midtown. Welcome to our booth (№147) to talk and witness the next generation of digital game economy.

2. During the blockchain week, Cocos-BCX will host a private event at the iconic Nasdaq Marketsite overlooking the Times Square in the evening of May 13. Industry leaders from various blockchain related fields are invited to share quality time at this epicenter of financial and business news in the heart of Manhatten.

The above is the complete content of the Cocos-BCX monthly report for April 2019. If you have any comments or suggestions on our monthly report, please leave a message on the official channels of Cocos-BCX media or join our community for feedback. Thanks!

Thanks for reading!

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