Cocos-BCX Monthly Report — August 2019


Core Technical Progress: Technical updates were completed, including chain system, SDK, DApps, and website.

Cocos-BCX Eco Product: ChainIDE developed by WhiteMatrix supports Cocos-BCX

EcoPartnerships: Reached strategic partnership with Infinito, CoBo, and HashQuark.

Offline Activities: 6

Media Reports: 38 articles

1.Technical Progress

1.1 ‘Gang Rinpoche’ Chain System Updates


a. Added assertion of OP types in case of node crash due to external private OP visit;

b. Previous pending order fee will not be returned if pending order is canceled;

c. Expanded information types;

d. Adjusted description of assets functions identification, for example, whether it has black and white lists.

e. Optimized task-type proposals’ assertions to the determination of task start time;

f. Optimized the parallel signal interaction of contract virtual machines.

1.2 Contract IDE


a. Optimized the English content;

b. Optimized the console style;

c. Optimized the recognition analysis of command line;

d. Fixed the focus problem of cursor;

e. Solve the merge conflict between menu and Cli;

f. Added the error notification for API;

g. Added new functions and the command line to query function call mode;

h.Added help command and keyword intelligent matching function;

i. Added control components, completing the design of basic logic and complementing the sample interface.

1.3 Cocos-BCX SDK

1.3.1 iOS/Android SDK


a. Added the option for upgrading to lifetime member;

b. Modified the bug occurred in transfer NH assets;

c. Modified the data return value of contract call;

d.Added the creation and cancellation function for NH asset orders;

e. Added NH asset deleting function ;

f. Added the function of transaction details query;

g. Added orders buying function;

h. Added orders selling function;

i. Added the function to query the commissioned buying orders;

j. Added the function to query the commissioned selling orders;

k. Added the function to cancel commissioned orders.

1.3.2 JS-SDK


a. Updated the operation of asset issuance;

b. Updated the operation of voting;

c. Proceeded the asset update, bonus rewards, and other operations;

d. Updated the interface of asset limit;

e. Proceeded the interface of asset repurchase and proposal creation.

1.4 Cocos-BCX DApp Optimization

1.4.1 CocosPay


a. Added the operations of creating a developer account and creating multiverse;

b. Released v1.0.7 to optimized user experience.

1.4.2 CocosWallet(iOS/Android) v1.0.3


a. Added the function of displaying account NH assets;

b. Added the function of NH assets transfer, purchase, sales, cancellation, and deletion;

c. Added the function of displaying account pending order of NH assets;

d. Added the function of displaying network order of NH assets;

e. Optimized experience and user reminder.

1.4.3 Cocos-Terminal


a. Compatibility with Cocos-BCX Toolkit;

b. Added the contract query call statistics;

c. Added the function of calling other contracts;

d. Optimized the English interface;

f. Added default nodes.

1.4.4 Blockchain Games


a. Updated Dice by removing some non-essential informational records;

b. Fixed the verification bug of the pop-up window on the Snake’s mobile terminal.

c. Fixed the bugs in data loading and open order of Cocos Shooting.

d. Optimized the user experience of Tyche.

1.5 Cocos-BCX Website

1.5.1 Bounty System(


a. Added the display of online/offline events;

b. Optimized the withdrawal verification process;

c. Added the function of withdrawal to account and wallet configuration;

d. Added an announcement page;

e. Optimized the notification content;

f. Doubled the bonus pool rewards and optimized the calculation rules;

g.Upgraded the anti-cheating system and continuously blocked the cheaters‘ account;

h. Distributed the withdrawal token in Bounty;

i. Added Bounty Bug Task in the Home page.

In Progress

a. Adding the twitter task in the task list.

1.5.2 Forum Contribution Reward System (


a. Distributed the rewards to contributors who submitted their wallet address before August 13th. The submission after that would be processed in the next cycle.

1.5.3 Official Website (


a. Added the Logo of the second round Buidlers & Angels;

b. Added the contribution report of the first round Buidlers & Angels;

c. Added the ChainIDE display and links on Ecosystem page.

In progress

a. Adding Japanese and Korean support.

2.Cocos-BCX Eco-Products

On August 8, White Matrix, the Cocos-BCX Eco-Partner, customized the world’s first cloud IDE to access Cocos-BCX TestNet in ChainIDE. This has not only achieved Lua-based smart contract programming and debugging on Cocos-BCX, but also uniquely optimized agile development of programmers on Cocos-BCX, assisting one-touch design, compile, deploy, debug and call, and greatly saving margin cost of developer environment construction. ChainIDE is the first cloud IDE compatible with multi-chains and Libra Move language in the globe. The completion of this customized cloud ChainIDE will connect Libra, Cocos-BCX, Cocos and other ecosystems, and build up great momentum for global developers and high-quality ecological content resources.

3.Cocos-BCX Incentive Plan

3.1 The release of contribution rating of the 1st round Cocos-BCX Buidlers & Angels

On August 16, the next-generation digital economic platform Cocos-BCX published contribution rating of 50 Eco-Partners in the 1st round, and 38 partners received rewards worthy 46.8 million COCOS. Click here:

3.2 The first Cocos-BCX Buidlers & Angels Consensus Conference

On August 19, the first Cocos-BCX Buidlers & Angels Consensus Conference was successfully held, with nearly 40 Buidlers & Angels presented, including WhiteMatrix, Bitpie, etc.

In the conference, CHEN Haozhi, Founder of Cocos-BCX, announced the list of rewards for the contributions of Cocos-BCX Buidlers & Angels made in the first round. In this conference, 38 eco-partners won the rewards with a sum of 46.8 million COCOS.

3.3 Cocos-BCX’s Third Buidlers & Angels List

On August 28, Cocos-BCX officially released the third round Buidlers & Angels list of 20 teams, including HashQuark, GBAC, ABM, Lianyuyu, etc.

Meet the third round of Cocos-BCX Buidlers and Angels:

a. Tools: HashQuark, PureWallet;

b. Dgames:;

c. Community: Chaofan Jiedian, LAC, Ydapp, Biquan Jinmajiang;

d. Contents: Fog Computing, BitCocos,, GBAC, ABM, Chainplay, BlockArk, HiCOCOS, LianYuyu,, DAppChaser, Biben, CocosX.

Interested teams and individuals can still apply for the Cocos-BCX Ecosystem Incentive Plan by filling out the form at

4.Cocos-BCX Strategic Cooperation

On August 15, Cocos-BCX and Infinito jointly announced in-depth strategic cooperation in wallet support, blockchain game tools, and game ecosystem. Click here:

August 29, Cocos-BCX and HashQuark announced a strategic cooperation. The two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in ecosystem building and node operating. Click here:

On August 30, Cocos-BCX and Cobo announced a strategic partnership. The two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation on wallet tools, BCX-NHAS-1808 standards, user community, etc. Click here:

5. Activities

5.1 Offline Activities


5.1.1 GBGEC

On August 2, the first Global blockchain Gaming Ecosystem Conference (GBGEC) sponsored by Cocos-BCX was successfully held in the MIFA 1862 Art Center. GBGEC is jointly sponsored by CocoaChina, a Chinese mobile developer community, and DappReview, a DApp ecosystem platform. This conference brings together the world’s leading ecosystem parties and capital parties of developers, public chains, wallets to discuss the potential of blockchain games. It is concluded that the virtual prop trading in the game market will become a new point of competition and growth, the operating environment of the next generation games will be fully autonomous, and the customer acquisition mode of blockchain games will be content-driven. The full-day conference attracted more than 1,000 blockchain developers & users to participate in.

5.1.2 Game Oasis Hackathon

On August 2, Game Oasis Hackathon, which was co-hosted by Cocos-BCX, Celer Network, Contentos and Matic Network, was officially launched on Global Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem Conference in Shanghai. This is the first game tailored for game developers that focuses on blockchain game. Click here:

5.1.3 2019 China “Web Literature +” Conference

On August 11, CHEN Haozhi participated the 2019 China “Web Literature +” Conference,which jointly hosted by Beijing Broadcasting and Television Bureau, Beijing Federation of Literary and Art Association, the Propaganda Department of the Beijing Municipal Committee(Beijing Municipal Press and Publication Bureau), the China Audiovisual and Digital Publishing Association, and the Office of the Network Security and Informatization Committee of the Beijing, and Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee in the guidance of the State Press and Publication Administration and the Beijing Municipal People’s Government.

5.1.4 Miixcon Global Blockchain APP Eco-developer Summit 2019

On August 30, Miixcon Global Blockchain APP Eco-developer Summit 2019 was held in Shanghai, and Cocos-BCX CTO Reed made a speech on The Exploration and Innovation of Gaming NH Assets NFT.


5.1.5 Game Oasis Hackathon

Binance Labs Initiates the First Game Oasis Hackathon Focused on Blockchain Gaming

5.1.6 Web3 Summit

Cocos-BCX Partner Caterina Zhang will join the fireside chat at Web3 Summit, talking with Daltonan, Managing Partner of Technology at Signum Global Advisors on Aug 20.

6. Media Report


6.1 GBGEC Summary | Virtual Props Transactions, Autonomic Game Runtime Environment, Content Driven to Attract Players, click here:

6.2 Cocos-BCX (COCOS) First Releases Binance, click here:

6.3 CHEN Haozhi | Blockchain Will Boost a Trillion Game Market


6.4 Cocos-BCX & DappReview Thiết lập quan hệ đối tác chiến lược

6.5 Awesome Projects to Build Blockchain Games on

6.6 Binance Labs проведёт блокчейн-хакатон в сотрудничестве с Cocos-BCX, Celer, Contentos и Matic

6.7 4лучших платформы для создания блокчейн-игр

6.8 Altcoin Buzz — Blockchain Gaming Week 32 — Game Launches & Updates

6.9 Cocos-BCX возможность подзаработать

6.10 Infinito partners with Cocos BCX for Next-Gen Digital Game Economy

6.11 Infinito partners with Cocos BCX

6.12 Infinito partners with Cocos BCX

6.13 Binance Will List Cocos-BCX (COCOS)

6.14 Cocos-BCX Uplifts the Blockchain Gaming Industry, Lists on Binance

6.15 CRYPTO GAMING 2020 — Cocos BCX Binance Listing, ChainIDE


6.17 Cocos-BCX | New Digital Game Economy | Richard Yang | BlockchainBrad | Blockchain Gaming Platform

6.18 Future of Gaming is Now! This Crypto Will Change How You Play! New Binance Listing Cocos BCX

6.19 Cocos-BCX C++/Python SDKs is Now Open Sourced

6.20 Game Oasis Hackathon Launched — It’s Time to Chain Up!

6.21 Cocos-BCX & Infinito Established Strategic Partnership

6.22 Cocos-BCX Released Android/iOS SDK & Wallet

6.23 Cocos-BCX’s Third Buidlers & Angels List

6.24 Cocos-BCX & HashQuark Established Strategic Partnership

6.25 Cocos-BCXとは?毎日ログインしてCocosトークンを受け取ろう!

6.26 Cocos-BCXのトークン「COCOS」がバイナンスに上場

6.27 ブロックチェーンゲームプラットフォーム「Cocos-BCX」について改めてご紹介

6.28 インフィニト、ブロックチェーン対応ゲーム開発プラットフォームのCocos-BCXと提携

6.29 仮想通貨|ココスCocos-BCX(COCOS)とは?特徴,今後,将来,最新チャートを紹介



6.31 ブロックチェーンゲームプラットフォーム「Cocos-BCX」について改めてご紹介

6.32 “インフィニト、ブロックチェーン対応ゲーム開発プラットフォームのCocos-BCXと提携”

6.32 Cocos-BCXのトークン「COCOS」がバイナンスに上場

6.33 “Global Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem Conferenceの報告と


6.34 バイナンスも出資するCocos-BCXとは|特徴や将来性について解説

6.35 COCOS-BCXのすべて |Binanceへ上場した費用から活動内容まで公開

6.36 “블록체인 게임 유망주 찾는다”… 바이낸스, 해커톤 개최

6.37 코코스-BCX, 바이낸스 거래소 상장

Above is Cocos-BCX monthly report in August 2019. For any idea or suggestion, please comment on our official media or give feedback in our community.



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