Cocos-BCX Monthly Report — February, 2019


Core Technical Progress: Ten technical items were completed, four tasks are in progress and one task is undergoing testing.

DApp Optimization: Optimized the PC and mobile versions of COCOS Terminal (a wallet dApp developed in the Cocos-BCX ecosystem) .

EcoPartnerships: Completed NEO SDK for Cocos Creator and established cooperations with many other entities.

Events: 2 online events and 1 offline workshop

Social Media & Reports: 11 articles and daily news press

01 Technical Progress

1. Completed

1.1) Added the mechanism for message queue length limit.

1.2) Optimized the NH assets standard to allow modification of data zone limit in case of leasing.

1.3) Optimized timed task.

  • Added the mechanisms of suspending and exceptional handling to timed task.
  • Optimized timed task resources utilization.
  • Repaired the exceptional issues when performing parallel executions.
  • Improved the configuration for the mechanisms of task suspension mechanism and exception dealing.

1.4) Reduced off-chain task subscription frequency to avoid notification jam.

1.5) Managed optimizing nodal tolerance to explosive transactions.

1.6) Repaired invalid returns caused by internal operations of the system.

1.7) Repaired abnormal ownership control when clearing NHT orders.

1.8) Enhanced load capacity of the nodes.

1.9) Connected new version of registration module and the wallet.

1.10) Updated the blockchain system of Cocos-BCX.

2. In Progress

2.1) Parsing routine operation of non-fungible tokens.

2.2) Adding port interface to recentTx statistical data of the whole network’s N transactions.

2.3) Adjusting the mechanism of fee dividend.

2.4) Adjusting the voting mechanism.

3. In Verification

3.1) Adjusting the authorities of the council.

02 DApp Optimization

1. PC version of Cocos Terminal.

1.1) Added the query feature.

1.2) Improved page display.

1.3) Optimized the configuration of the account information and contract authorization.

1.4) Optimized the network connections.

1.5) Optimized the subscription function.

1.6) Completed the connection to the latest blockchain API.

2. Mobile version of Cocos Terminal

2.1) Optimized the dialogue box.

2.2) Added query feature.

2.3) Improved page display.

03 EcoPartnerships

1. Cocos-BCX Developer Program

The Developers Program was officially open to global developers. Teams/ individuals worldwide are welcome to participate.

Registration Address:

2. NEO SDK for Cocos Creator was completed, which enables developers to connect the plug-in directly for the games generated in Cocos Creator. Documentation: The instructions and samples will be improved continuously.

3. Skr Skins, a game props exchange platform, has been connected to the main chain of Cocos-BCX, and the first batch of blockchain game props are expected to be released online soon.

04 Events

1. Online Events

Seven Days to Celearate New Year with Cocos-BCX

From February 4, Cocos-BCX sent New Year benefits to all community members to celebrate Chinese New Year, and launched Seven Days to Celearate New Year with Cocos-BCX, where we saw the participation of hundreds of people. A large amount of red envelopes and Cocos tokens were distributed as rewards for each member’s participation.

Lantern Festival Riddle

On February 19th, Cocos-BCX launched the “Lantern Festival Riddle”event. Rewards not only included red envelopes and Cocos tokens, but also MOTI magic flute electronic cigarette, an official partner brand of the fiction movie Wandering Earth, which reached 4 billion views in box office.

This event was widely participated by community members.

05 Media Media & Reports

1. Chinese Region

What will happen when #Slither meets #blockchain? The 1993

Product Manager of TEAM JOY Talking About The Development of Snake Joy, a snake game incubated by Cocos-BCX. Video of the team in the article:

CocosBCX And TRON Collaboratively Held Blockchain Gamer Next in San Francisco on March 19

2. Global Region

A Comparative Report on Technical Features of Loom/Tron/Cocos-BCX by United Labs of Blockchain Technology Cocos-BCX showcases some of the new games on its testnet Top Trending — Biggest stories in blockchain gaming

EOSJoy game review: What Happens When Slither Meets Blockchain?

AMBCrypto: Cocos-BCX, Loom Network and Tron trifecta aiming to change the crypto space for the better

Blockchain Gamers Connect panel: Where is the future of blockchain in gaming?

TRON, Cocos BCX and combine for free Blockchain Games Next conference on 19 March

3. Canada

In the Eyes of a Blockchain Developer: Reed Hong from COCOS-BCX

4. Japan

Major Japanese dApp media ‘dApps Market’ made an introduction of Cocos-BCX-Cocos — [BCXとは?ブロックチェーンゲーム開発プラットフォームの概要]

06 Previews

Offline Event — Blockchain Game Open Day

The second Blockchain Game Open Day will be held in Beijing during mid-March. Cocos-BCX Research Lab will share viewpoints with elites of the industry. You’re welcome to follow us on our social media channels to stay tuned with firsthand updates.

Thanks for you attention!

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