Cocos-BCX Monthly Report — June 2019


Core Technical Progress: Technical updates were completed, including chain system, SDK and official tools.

COCOS Bounty: 12 plans completed, 4 plans in progress.

Code Open Source: Open-sourced and updated the JS SDK, Android SDK, iOS SDK, and four different categories of wallet in early June.

EcoPartnerships: Cocos-BCX OBT launched in June with an ecosystem to open to the global users.

Online Activities: 1

Offline Activities: 6

Media Reports: 22 articles and 10pieces of news express.

Technical Progress

  1. ‘Gang Rinpoche’ Chain System Updates


a. Optimized the database directory;

b. Separated the encrypted design logic of the compilation process, preventing the malicious analysis of process quantity;

c. Fixed symbol link errors in compile mode;

d. Optimized the compilation of smart contract;

e. Optimized contract rules for creating non-homogeneous assets;

f. Added an interface to query the latest NH asset order;

g. Fixed the characteristics of NH assets that query the same description based on base_describe hash(for category description);

h.Added database_api for querying the specified user contract.

In Progress

a. Adding the tag and the corresponding make_release function of Release version in the contract so that any modification to the version will not be allowed;

b.Optimizing storage logic of contract data;

c.Optimizing the contract import mechanism to load chain-related resource automatically during the import process.

2.Cocos-BCX SDK

2.1) JS-SDK updated to v1.4.33


a. Parsed additional_cost=>add to add the new field additional_cost_text;

b. Adjusted the name of keywords;

c. Optimized NPM package volume;

d. Fixed the DB error caused by switching nodes after deleting the wallet;

e. Fixed the problem when the account does not get on chain immediately after registration;

f. Fixed the problems of loading account information when initializing SDK in wallet mode;

g. Fixed the problem that account mode becomes wallet mode when switching nodes;

h.Fixed NODE registration problem that the account will not choose automatic login to return account information after creation;

i. Fixed voting problems;

j. Extended the parameter callback for getAccounts. The API will automatically determine whether to perform chain initialization if the parameter exists;

k. Adjusted webpack-dev-server from3.1.0 to 3.1.11, and optimized the op number logic that limiting the maximum subscription;

l.Adjusted the array judgment method (WebNPM/NODE version)

m.Added type parameter for account NH asset query

2.2)iOS/Android SDK(v1.0.1)Developments


a. Modified the contract call return value;

b. Added NH assets transfer feature;

c. Added NH assets purchase feature.

In Progress

a. Modifying contract call parameter type report bug;

b. NH Assets’s pending order feature;

C. The feature of deleting NH Assets.

3.Cocos-BCX Official Tools

3.1) CocosPay(v1.0.5)&CocosDesktop(v1.0.3)


a. Optimized the UI interface;

b. Optimized the remark content;

c. Added token view feature;

d. Added the notification for version update;

e. Optimized whitelist adding problems;

f. Added some user instructions;

g. Added the contract operation for transaction list details;

h. Added fee display function when requiring the signature;

i. Fixed backup file import failure;

j. Added prompt information for transfer with owner private key;

k. Fixed the problem of displaying the wrong transfer fee;

l. Cancelled callback when DApp requiring the signature;

m. Fixed the problem that users cannot log in immediately after registration;

n. Added nodes edit and delete function, and optimized nodes switching;

o. CocosDesktop added the pop-up notification for version update;

p. Added NH assets transfer & contract operation features to transaction list;

q. Optimized the problem of loading account information when initializing in wallet mode;

r. Fixed the problem that account mode becomes wallet mode when switching nodes;

s. Optimized the problem that message does not pop up when logging in CocosPay for the first time;

t. Fixed wallet mode import account failure in Windows system;

u.Added NH assets pending order, order, transfer, and withdrawal signature features.

In Progress

a. Supporting NH assets operation in CocosDesktop DApp.

3.2)CocosWallet(iOS/Android) v1.0.3


a. Added the back-stage management function for DApp list of the “Discover Page” ;

b. Optimized the adding and deletion function of custom nodes;

c. Added contract transaction history and NH asset transaction history;

d. Optimized the DApp game interaction experience;

e. Fixed the problem of Dapp compatibility;

f. Added Snake DApp on Discovery Page;

g. Fixed the network failure problem at the time of registration;

h. Optimized the user experience, and optimized the overlong user name issues;

i. Optimized English language content;

j.Optimized registration error prompt information in Chinese interface;

k. Added social media channels (Telegram and Discord) to “About us”.

In Progress

a. Developing the extension for DApp browser query interface;

b. Setting the default language of the Android wallet based on the system language;

c. Optimizing the non-Chinese default language;

d. Optimizing DApp browser compatibility;

e. Optimizing DApp experience: users can choose temporary login-free authentication when entering the password.

3.3)Cocos Terminal


a. Added contract search component which displays the contract users created by default;

b. Added contract creation permission generator, which embedded code editor in the terminal;

c. Added the functions of contract deployment, contract renewal, and contract interface calling;

d. Added account contract statistics (including the contract being called and the contract created);

e. Adjusted account history and browser display information;

f. Simplified the overall layout;

g. Enable the NH assets editing to delete domain data;

h. Optimized the mobile terminal theme;

i. Optimized the initial page search bar.

2. Cocos Bounty


a. Optimized the invitation plan;

b. Optimized the sign-up function;

c. Optimized user prompt information;

d. Optimized UI display;

e. Optimized the personal center display;

f. Optimized the notification content for login failure;

g. Extended the login expiration time to 3 days;

h. Added WeChat customer service to the COCOS Bounty page;

i. Added daily task check notification after login;

j.Changed the cheating warning message at the time of registration;

k. Fixed repeated notifications for the wrong login.

l. Optimized security mechanisms to increase human-computer interaction verification and added anti-cheating actions;

In Progress

a. Improving the anti-cheating mechanism;

b. Adding Telegram, Weibo, and Github tasks;

c. Adding offline tasks to earn rewards;

d. Adding prompt information for withdrawal.

3. Code Open Source

At the beginning of June, Cocos-BCX open sourced and updated JS SDK, the Android SDK, and the iOS SDK, as well as four different wallets.

3.1)On chain JS SDK, Android SDK, and iOS SDK

With the comprehensive chain interaction capability, the SDKs listed below support can assist in the development of Cocos-BCX public-chain eco-wallet tools, DApps, etc., enabling developers to focus on developing code for other functions.

JS-SDK v1.4.33

Android-SDK v1.0.1

iOS-SDK v1.0.1

3.2)Game Samples

Cocos Shooting



Cocos-Creator IDE







4. Eco Partners

On June 6, as the release of the testnet1.0 “Gang Rinpoche”, Cocos-BCX launched the ecosystem incentive plan globally. With the policy announced on June 21st, more than 100 teams have submitted applications for participation, including DappReview, White Matrix, HelloPool, Slow Mist, Bitpie, etc. The event is still in progress and all the results will be gradually announced in July. Below is the application link:

Cocos-BCX Ecosystem Incentive Plan falls into the following two categories:

  • Cocos-BCX Buidler.

Developer teams or individuals who want to build on top of or integrate their product with Cocos-BCX.

  • Cocos-BCX Angel.

Community teams or individuals who want to contribute to community growth, marketing and education of Cocos-BCX.

Cocos-BCX Foundation will make an assessment on the contributions with reference to the following aspects corresponding to different categories.

  • Cocos-BCX Buidlers

a. Tools

b. DApps (mainly DGames)

  • Cocos-BCX Angels

c. Community Operation

d. Content

Cocos-BCX offers a total of 210 million COCOS to reward the contributions made by participants to Cocos-BCX’s global ecosystem. The incentive will be distributed in three months, that is, 70 million COCOS per month.

Cocos-BCX Foundation will evaluate the submitted monthly reports and rate the Buidlers and Angels into 4 rankings.

4. Activities in June

Online Activities

a.Claim Your COCOS Now!

Cocos-BCX has launched Cocos & Cocoa Community Contribution Reward Program in early 2018 to thank developers and contributors. This campaign has been carried out for a while and will end on July 1st, 2019.

Offline Activities


a. On June 6th, Cocos-BCX held a press to launch the TestNet 1.0 in Beijing. Its name "Gang Rinpoche” reflects the team’s excitement to navigate in the unknown realm of blockchain game economy. During the event, Cocos-BCX also introduced $ 1M worth Bounty Program, Ecosystem Incentive Plan, Technical Documentation 2.0, Whitepaper 1.1.3, Open-sourced SDK, wallets, explorer, demo games, etc.

b. On June 17th, the 8th Global Game Congress hosted by Global Mobile Game Confederation (GMGC) was held in Beijing. CHEN Haozhi, CEO of Beijing Chukong Technology and Chairman of Xiamen Yaki Software — the parent company of Cocos Engine, shared some major milestones of Cocos engine and discussed the possible chemical reactions of Cocos engine combining with cloud games, AI, VR and even blockchain in the 5G era, under the theme of Driving the Digital Content Industry with Technology.

c. On June 21st, Cocos-BCX held a private meetup Hangzhou to announce the official launch of Ecosystem Incentive Plan, “Gang Rinpoche”. Running the 2100m tokens plan in the testnet not only made good preparation for the mainnet listing, but also displayed the chain characteristics and economic mechanism of Cocos-BCX.

d. On June 22nd, Cocos-BCX, the next generation of the game digital economy platform, jointly held Cocos Salon, Shanghai with Cocos, a cross-platform engine, at Hello Coffee, 1st floor, Metropolo Jinjiang Hotels Classiq Hotel. Chief technical expert Reed Hong of Cocos-BCX and Dapp development consultant Zhang Yuechao of Cocos-BCX Research Institute attended and interacted with developers on site.


a. Cocos-BCX joined OKEx Cooperation Summit 2019 in Hochiminh on June 16th. The successful participation received a lot of good feedbacks and drew great interests from the local community, as well as invitation of cooperation from many outstanding blockchain projects. The exciting campaign trip has marked the establishment of Cocos-BCX Vietnam Community!

b. On June 11th, Cocos-BCX attended the first-ever Blockchain Gaming Stage at the annual E3 Gaming Expo hosted and organized by DGA (Digital Games + Assets) Summit and CoinState in Los Angeles.

7. Media Report


a. Cocos-BCX launched TestNet 1.0, Million dollars Plan to Promote Virtual City-State of Games

b.Cocos-BCX Developers’ Plan Kick Off:Million dollars Incentives&Updated Technical Documentation

c. Million dollars Incentives is Coming: COCOS Bounty&Ecosystem Incentive Plan

d. Exclusive Interview for Chen Haozhi: Cryptogaming, 7 Year to go for this Trillion-level Market

e.[Niushi] CHEN Haozhi — the evangelist of Cryptogaming

f. Cocos-BCX, the First to Support Facebook Libra for VSCode


a. Challenges and Trends Related to Crypto Gaming

b. Nền tảng trao đổi tài sản số Hong Kong tổ chức sự kiện blockchain tại Việt Nam.

c. Reasons Every Developer Should Take Advantage Of Cocos-BCX TestNet 1.0 “Gang Rinpoche”

d. Marketing Specialist của Cocos BCX sẽ tham dự bibox meetup tại Hà Nội ngày mai

e. Reasons Every Developer Should Take Advantage Of Cocos-BCX TestNet 1.0 “Gang Rinpoche”

f. Why Does the Gaming Industry Need Blockchain Tech?

g. Company Overview of Cocos BCX Limited

h. GMGC & Chain Plus · Blockchain Digital Game Innovation Summit Completed Successfully

i. Blockchain and games: the 6 most interesting projects that enhance your relationship

j. 6 very promising Blockchain projects from the gaming industry in 2019

k. Chinese team SDKBOX to launch the Facebook Libra Microsoft Development Tools plug-in

l. CryptoGamesConference Video

m. CocosBCX Update | BlockchainBrad | Next-Generation Gaming Economy | New SDKs | Global Plan + MORE!

n. Cocos-BCX Catarina Zhang Dropping Truth Bombs

o. Bitcoin покупать, продавать или ждать!? / Что мы будем делать с BTC?


a. なぜゲームにブロックチェーンが必要なの?

8. Preview for Next Month

a. There will be more tasks in COCOS Bounty program, please stay tuned.

b. On July 6th, a month after the listing of testnet 1.0, Cocos-BCX will hold a private meetup at Yuan Coffee in Shanghai. Equipped with complete game development tools and a better public chain ecosystem, Cocos-BCX is able to provide a more friendly and convenient blockchain technology application solution. Please scan the QR code to join us.

c. On July 12th, Cocos-BCX and Jinse will hold a Saloon in Shanghai with the theme of “Games — the Next Tipping Point of Blockchain?”. Many blockchain gamers were invited to share the ideas in game development, use cases, etc. Please scan the QR code to join us.



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