Cocos-BCX Monthly Report — March, 2019

Hello Everyone,

The following is Cocos-BCX Monthly Report March, 2019. Let’s have a look at the progress that has been made by the awesome Cocos-BCX team during March.


Core Technical Progress: Eleven technical tasks were completed, other three are in progress.

DApp Optimization: DApp COCOS Terminal in the Cocos-BCX ecosystem has been optimized for PC and mobile versions.

Code Open Sourced: Cocos-BCX codes were open sourced and relevant documentation had been published.

EcoPartnerships: NEO SDK was fully implemented with Cocos Creator.

Events: 1 online events and 2 offline workshops.

Social Media & Reports: 11 articles and 5 news press.

01 Technical Progress


1.1) Updated Cocos-BCX blockchain system:

  • Extended the hash length of transaction ID.
  • Limited the recursion depth of the contract registry.
  • Optimized the contract call stack depth control.
  • Modified the complex task fee deduction mechanism.

1.2) Adjusted the authorities of the council.

1.3) Adjusted the allocation of on-chain transaction fees.

1.4) Rebuilt the voting mechanism.

1.5) Adjusted the allocation mechanism of on-chain transaction gas fees.

1.6) Rebuilt the system and mechanism of homogenous assets blacklist and whitelist.

1.7) Adjusted the assignment order of the memory data table object ID.

1.8) Canceled the direct OP associated by the parent & sub NH assets.

1.9) Provided contract interface associated by the parent & sub NH assets.

1.10) Redefined the delegated authority in item leasing relationships.

1.11) Resolved the general operations of non-fungible tokens.

2. In Progress

2.1) Adjusting account information parameters to describe the identity type of the account(s).

2.2) Adjusting the return type of the contract function for NH assets creation.

2.3) Separating the intermediate code of the objects within the contract.

02 dApp Optimization

COCOS Terminal

1. PC version of COCOS Terminal

1.1) The English version was released.

1.2) Added the option for cache.

1.3) Added the API for obtaining the configuration parameters of SDK.

1.4) Completed development for the support and query of council voting.

1.5) Fixed slow loading speed or failure issues for the first query of council voting data.

1.6) Implemented interactive optimization for the wallet homepage.

2. Mobile version of COCOS Terminal.

2.1) Removed the option for downloading backup file.

2.2) The English version was released.

03 Code Open Sourced

During the event of Game Developers Conference(GDC) on March 19th(US time), Cocos-BCX, TRON and jointly held Blockchain Games Next at Bespoke, Downtown San Francisco. Centering on the theme of “The Current Situation And Opportunities of Blockchain Game Industry”, Cocos-BCX Founder CHEN Haozhi shared related experience, and introduced the present status and progress of Cocos engine and Cocos-BCX project. At the event, Haozhi open sourced the Cocos-BCX code, and initialized the Global Developer Support Program.

Code Address

Cocos-BCX Github:

Developer Support Program

Program introduction:

A. English language:

B. Chinese language:

The developer documentation

A. English language:

B. Chinese language: https://cn-dev.cocosbcx.i

04 EcoPartnerships

NEO SDK was fully implemented with Cocos Creator. Developers can download and plugin the SDK to Cocos Creator to develop game dApps, enabling dApps to be integrated and published on the NEO mainnet. Afterwards, these dApp(s) will be packaged and submitted to Cocos store

The developer documentation

05 Events

1. Online Events

To celebrate the launch of “Cocos Adventure”, a science cartoon series of blockchain gaming by Cocos-BCX United Labs, and a 6-day online community welfare activity were set up. With the active participation of Cocos-BCX supporters and followers, this community-based airdrop successfully concluded, and a large amount of COCOS token & red packages filled with cash were given away as rewards.

2. Offline Events

2.1) The first stop of Cocos China Tour 2019 was held on March 29th in Beijing. In one section of the event, Cocos-BCX was shown at the workshop and related news were shared to the attendees, the representatives also shared their experience regarding blockchain-based game development, critical industry dynamics and reports.

2.2) 1:00–7:00 pm, March 19, Cocos-BCX, TRON and collaboratively held Blockchain Games Next in Bespoke, downtown of San Francisco. This half-day conference aimed to explore present situation and potential opportunities in the industry, a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere welcomed all participants free of charge. This gather provided a place for blockchain game developers, platforms, tool providers, investors, media and others individuals interested in this field to discuss key topics, industry trends and opportunities.

CHEN Haozhi (Cocos-BCX Founder) talking with Zhao Kai (Cocos2dx Head of US Market).

Discussion “One tip to be successful at Blockchain Gaming?

06 Social Media & Reports

Chinese Region

1. Article: CHEN Haozhi, Founder of Cocos-BCX: Props Trading Will Be The Major Business Model of blockchain games.

2. Article: CHEN Haozhi, Founder of Cocos-BCX: Providing an integrated environment for game development to promote the growth of gaming industry.

3. Article: Cocos-BCX Announces Code Open Sourced With Global Developer Program Launch.

4. Cocos-BCX Global Tour 2019 To Kick Off on March 19th.

5. Video: The First Documentary of Blockchain Game Developers Named “I Am A Game Developer” To Go Live.

Japan Region

1. Article: “Game Engine Cocos-BCX Launches Alpha Testing for Developers Around the World”.

2. Video: “I Played COCOS SHOOTING!”.

Global Regions

1. Article: “Blockchain Games Next — A successful showcase of the future of gaming”.

2. Article: “Cocos-BCX officially opens alpha testing to developers worldwide”.

3. Article: “Every year, blockchain games get bigger at GDC”.

4. Article: “Cocos-BCX has launched its Terminal”.

5. Article: “Full Script of the speech of CHEN Haozhi at Blockchain Games Next”.

07 Previews of Next Month

1) On March 29th, Cocos China Tour 2019 kicked off in Beijing. At the workshop, Cocos-BCX Chief Technical Advisor Kevin Yin hosted the section of Cocos-BCX Time. TEAM Joy Co-Founder Neo Lee attended the workshop and shared viewpoints on the topic of “How To Develop Games on Cocos-BCX Chain?”. Cocos China Tour 2019 will be held in several cities in China. Follow us to stay updated with the latest news regarding the location of our next stop.

Above is the full content of Cocos-BCX Monthly Report for March 2019. Should you have any Comments or Suggestions, please send feedback to us via our social media!

Thanks for reading!

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