Cocos-BCX Releases NHAS-1808 Standard, Improving Existing Non-Fungible Token Standards

NHAS-1808 is a new Non-Homogeneous Asset Standard powered by Cocos-BCX. It aims to provide a complete and convenient development environment for game developers and to drive the revolution of blockchain game industry.

Fungible / Non-Fungible Tokens

Fungible tokens are homogeneous by nature; this includes things like currencies, points, etc. For example, it doesn’t matter which bitcoin I give you, 1 bitcoin = 1 bitcoin to the end user.

Non-fungible goods, by contrast, are distinct; this includes things like event tickets, land, artworks, digital collectibles, some digital goods, etc. For example, it does matter which CryptoKitties you receive because they are all unique from one another.

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The existing non-fungible token standards such as ERC721 let developers define such characteristics of non-fungible objects like name, symbol, total supply, owner, transfer, etc. However existing standards cannot fully adapt to the industrial-level game development requirements.

NHAS-1808 Standard

NHAS-1808 standard powered by Cocos-BCX is a non-homogeneous token standard, which is improved the existing NFT standards. It proposes a set of unified and extendable digital asset standards and specifications, providing new asset-based business models, and a unique worldview-backed economic system for digital assets. In this way, NHAS-1808 standard will enable industrial-level game development on blockchains.

Below are a few of the key characteristics about NHAS-1808:

1. Supporting asset transfer across multiple games

NHAS-1808 supports open or conditional transfer of assets across different games under the same worldview through attributing “Zones” to each asset. Each zone is binded with one or several contracts, representing the data from a specific game. The data is readable across different zones, but cannot be edited without authorization.

This type of asset circulation is not possible in traditional games. For example, Blizzard has built World of Warcraft with a complete worldview. However, although a gamer is able to log in to World of Warcraft and Hearthstone with the same account, the pets captured in World of Warcraft cannot be transferred to a card in Hearthstone. The NHAS-1808 standard makes this possible. For example, if a player acquires “Frostmourne” as a piece of equipment in World of Warcraft, it could also be used as a prop card in Hearthstone.

2. Redefined asset ownership and permission system

NHAS-1808 allows gamers to have full ownership of their asset.

In traditional gaming, the asset is controlled by the publisher or operating platform. Once the game is suspended, gamers can no longer claim their remaining assets. NHAS1808 allows gamers to have full ownership of their assets, even if the game was suspended. Gamers can still claim their assets and transfer them to other games in order to reduce the risk of loss.

Cocos-BCX has designed a more detailed asset permission system by separating the right of use and ownership of assets.

The right of use determines whether the user has the permissions to operate the asset. While the ownership determines the belonging and the operational rights of the assets. Some specific operations may need permissions from both owner and user for execution.

One featured permission mechanism is that owners can delete the data attributed to any specific “zones”. For example, a gamer may re-initiate the properties of an item (asset) in a game by removing its game-specific datasets, instead of erasing the NFT itself universally.

In line with an improved permission system, Cocos-BCX Chain has added a variety of built-in operational and data structures for implementing new types of services. Combined with the contract system, developers can easily create and implement new business models such as: asset leasing, mortgage, pawn, etc, which are not possible with traditional blockchain/contract systems.

For example, in a car-racing game, developers could create new revenue models such as renting out the rights to use the garage and collecting rent.

3. High security ensured by separated data storage and identity verification

In ERC721 the asset data is stored as part of the contract. If the design of the security model has any loophole, assets can be transferred unintentionally without authorization from the owner (for example, a malicious developer is able to include a “transfer_from” function that can be called to directly transfer a non-fungible asset to another account without verification of owner’s permission).

In NHAS-1808, the asset data is stored separately from the contract data. This enables full ownership of assets by their owners. In Cocos-BCX, fungible, non-fungible assets data and smart contracts are all separately stored. This design provides stronger data security besides other benefits, such as reducing the cost of data transaction, improving chain efficiency and facilitating cross-chain transfers.

For certain sensitive operations, Cocos-BCX allows developers to add in smart contract for identity verification. The contract will be activated only when the caller identity is verified and meets the requirements. In this way it avoids malicious attacks by hackers by using smart contract APIs.


In summary, Cocos-BCX NHAS-1808 Standard allows full ownership of assets by gamers, transfer of assets across different games, and new business models. It ensures the security of assets, and provides a complete and convenient development environment for developers.

We hope that NHAS-1808 Standard will attract more gamers and developers to the blockchain game industry and create a virtuous cycle which pushes the whole game industry forward.

The complete proposal of NHAS-1808 Standard will be published in the coming weeks. For more detail & updates be sure to follow below channels to keep updated on our progress.

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