Cocos-BCX’s Third Buidlers & Angels List

Following the release of Cocos-BCX’s First & Second Buidlers & Angels List, Cocos-BCX is now unveiling the third round Buidlers & Angels list of 19 teams.

Below is an overview of the complete third Cocos-BCX Buidlers & Cocos-BCX Angels list.

Cocos-BCX Ecosystem Incentive Plan received warm responses from the community with more than 200 applications. In considering that, Cocos-BCX loosened the upper limit on the numbers of Buidlers & Angels, and will continue to optimize the Ecosystem Incentive Plan.

Meet the third round of 19 Cocos-BCX Buidlers and Angels:

  • Cocos-BCX Buidlers:

a. Tools:


HashQuark is a staking service provider with a team of approximately 30 members and extensive experience in blockchain and finance. HashQuark CEO Li Chen founded the BaaS platform and obtained several patents. Before founding HashQuark, Li Chen served as the head of FinCloud and smart investment research at DataYes. At present, HashQuark is the super node of more than 20 well-known public chains, including Cosmos, Iris, Dash, etc., and has cooperated with many wallets and exchanges.


PureWallet is a startup with a team of 10 members who have extensive experience in the blockchain industry. Currently, PureWallet has 10k+ monthly active users distributed in China, the United States and countries in South East Asia.

b. Dgames: currently has 5 members from Alibaba, JD, Beyondsoft, etc. In 2018, it successfully developed and operated a variety of blockchain games on EOS. Now, will continue to develop the game on Cocos-BCX public chain, which combines the advantages of traditional games and blockchain and supports multi-chain operation.

  • Cocos-BCX Angels:

a. Community Operation:

Chaofan Jiedian

Chaofan Jiedian is a community service provider specializing in building communities for blockchain projects. Currently, it has 112 members and has provided service for loopring, BOX and many other projects.


LAC is a professional service provider for blockchain projects and a well-known branded community in China. It is dedicated to incubating high-quality blockchain projects, helping blockchain projects to build their ecosystem and match with leading investment institutions, as well as providing professional data analysis for users. Its business scope covers projects and capital, airdrops, quantification, etc. Currently, LAC covers a community of 50,000 people.


YDapp is a seasoned team in the promotion of blockchain games and Dapps. Currently, it has 3 full-time members. Founder of YDapp graduated from the University of Science and Technology of China with 8-year working experience in the Internet industry. The other two members have participated in the promotion of more than ten Dapps, including but not limited to the promotion of games such as SnakeJoy, Crypto Throne, and Leblock. YDapp Self-developed Dapp won two Tron Accelerator awards (TronJoke, Xworld).

Biquan Jinmajiang

Biquan Jinmajiang has a team of 6 members. Jinma, founder of Biquan Jinmajiang, formerly developed projects such as Xiaolai search, Laidu, etc. He is also the founder of Xiaoma Capital and the former head of Operations for EOS Asia in China.

b. Contents

Fog Computing

Fog Computing is a professional blockchain technology service provider. Currently, it has partnered with FIND, Dropay and WEX. FIND is the largest distributed projects evaluation platform in China with 300k+ registered users and 300+ blockchain project analysts, covering 2100+ blockchain projects. Dropay supports local wallet and cloud wallet modes, which currently has 80k+ registered users. Its wallets now support almost all mainstream public chains and digital assets, and at the same time provides wealth management service. WEX is a digital currency trading service provider dedicated to creating the safest, most stable and efficient digital currency trading platform for users around the world.


BitCocos is a team of authors from multiple mainstream blockchain media and content platforms, including but not limited to ChainDD, Jianshu, BitKan, BiHu, FIND, Lichang, Midu, Calu, etc. Types of content they provide cover macro analysis, project evaluation, translation, educational articles, game review, etc. The total number of team members’ followers is over 200,000. is a content platform focused on Dapps. It is incubated by DuShu Fund and has a team of 8 members who have been engaged in the blockchain industry for more than 2 years. They are familiar with the blockchain and Dapp field and have invested in more than 30+ blockchain projects.


GBAC (Graphene Blockchain Application Center) is a non-profit organization jointly initiated by leaders in Graphene Blockchain Ecosystem around the world. It boasts resources in technical communities, blockchain R&D companies, investment institutions, media, exchanges, and network security teams, covering millions of blockchain users worldwide. Its committee members include GDEX, GXChain, NULS and many other famous blockchain projects. GBAC is committed to promoting graphene blockchain technology, incubating projects based on graphene blockchain technology, and cooperating with other technical communities on behalf of the graphene blockchain ecosystem. Since its establishment, GBAC has organized a number of online and offline events, helping blockchain projects get in touch with technical or capital resources. At the same time, technicians were organized to organize, translate and summarize the technical documents of the graphene blockchain community, which was well received by the community.


ABM is the first media in Taiwan to focus on blockchain and digital currency, with members coming from well-known PR agencies, fashion magazines and news channels in Taiwan, which can effectively integrate the abundant online and offline resources. ABM is committed to promoting digital currency to serve the public and helping more users understand the great experience and investment and wealth management opportunities brought about by blockchain technology. In addition, ABM has partnered with ABA, the first Asia blockchain accelerator established strategic partnership with Binance, and ACE Exchange, the only exchanged recognized by Binance to trade BNB/TWD trading pair in Taiwan. Together, they will work to build Asia’s most complete blockchain ecosystem.


Chainplay is a vertical media for the blockchain game industry. It has also an established media platform “Youxi Chaguan” in traditional game field for more than 6 years. With a team of 6 members, it has a deep understanding and insights into blockchain games.


BlockArk is an established We Media brand with 24k+ followers and an average reads of 2500 per article.


HiCOCOS currently has 6 members including senior web engineer, full-stack engineer, blockchain media operator, exchange wallet development engineer, with a working experience of 5 years on average.


Founded in August 2018, LianYuyu is a community-based blockchain game media dedicated to digging deep into the value of blockchain game and the promotion of high quality blockchain games. is a group of blockchain enthusiasts aiming to grow the blockchain community in Hong Kong. There are 6 core members at the moment, varying from code developers, event planners and community partners. As a community-based team, they are closely connected with the Hong Kong blockchain-community and deliver solutions to meet the demand of the community. gathers communities bits by bits and create synergy to promote Blockchain technology in Hong Kong and Asia.


DAppChaser, founded in January 2018, is dedicated to tracking global blockchain innovations and focusing on evaluation and review of DApps. The DAppChaser team currently has more than a dozen content and code contributors, as well as many freelance writers. Some members of the DAppChaser team have participated in the community construction of Ripple and other established projects since 2013.


Biben is a leading blockchain search engine, media and resource integration platform in the industry.


CocosX consists of master graduates with years’ experience in the blockchain industry. Among them, there are many former Huawei engineers, senior designers who provide outsourcing services for Vanke and Tencent, as well as senior animation managers and multimedia engineers.

Interested teams and individuals can still apply for the Cocos-BCX Ecosystem Incentive Plan by filling out the form at

Please read our previous articles Cocos-BCX Buidlers & Angels Ranking Criteria, Cocos-BCX’s First Builders & Angels List and Cocos-BCX’s Second Builders & Angels List for more details.

For those who haven’t been listed, keep trying!

  • Cocos-BCX reserves all the right for the final interpretation.



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