Crypto Tanks: Compelling Battles with Your Pals and Massive COCOS Rewards in this Blockchain Game

the Cocos-BCX Team
Sep 29 · 5 min read

“Rat-tat, rat-tat, rat-tat, wham, wham!”

Anyone who grew up with a Family Computer as a companion may feel nostalgic about this exciting melody. Battle City, produced and updated by Namco, is an indispensable part of our childhood memory.

These beautiful memories often mixed with parents’ sermons and preach, such as “What a loser playing games every day! Can you get money from it?”

However, it is unexpected that, if those scoldings were thrown to us today, we can reply, with calm and confidence, “Yes, I can!”

Recently,, a team from Cocos-BCX arena in DoraHacks 2019 Hackathon, has launched CRYPTO TANKS, a blockchain game developed on Cocos-BCX TestNet. Gamers can get COCOS as rewards by defeating others’ tanks.

A Brief on Crypto Tanks: a PVP blockchain game that can get you COCOS tokens

According to the official profile, Crypto Tanks is an innovative PVP blockchain game, where gamers can start the game to fight with others by paying a certain amount of COCOS. If the gamer’s tank successfully hit other players’, he will be rewarded COCOS tokens. If hitting NPC tanks, the rewards will be BOOM tokens. Gamers can get rich cryptocurrency rewards whether they are professional ones or appalling tank drivers, deep-pocket players or “stingy” ones.

The playfield in the game is divided into a free one and a charged one. In the free one, a gamer can start a game without any fee to hit other players’ tanks for BOOM tokens. While the charged one requires gamers to pay a certain amount of COCOS. Gamers may win COCOS tokens in proportion to the damages they made to other gamers’ tanks and get considerable BOOM tokens by hitting NPC tanks (BOOM is the native token of Crypto Tanks that can be used to purchase shells, upgrade the tank or even in staking to share dividends).

Currently, there are 3 types of tanks in the game available for gamers:

Light Tank: a class of tank designed for higher mobility and shorter loading time. The single fire damage is rather low and the hull armor is thin.

Medium Tank: a class of tank with more than one shell. The loading requires a certain period of time, but once loaded, the tank can fire in a row to make impressive damages.

Heavy Tank: a class of tank that generally provided better armor protection as well as greater firepower than tanks of lighter classes, often at the cost of speed and loading time.

Moreover, shells are also varied in the game: kinetic shells, laser shells and energy shells, with different performances.

Below is the 3D stereotype of 3 tanks, which may remind you of Army Men.

Features of Crypto Tanks: Personal transactions supported, and NHAS 1808 Standard in the future

In the current version, there will be a room regularly open for new players to enter by default. The room can obtain at most 100 players in theory. Players may enjoy the game by smoothly shooting.

In the game, the turret of a player’s tank can be rotated to support the semi-automatic aiming. Players can enjoy aiming and shooting others while dodging shells from others by agile moves. The action experience is premium.

Compared to Namco’s Battle City, Crypto Tanks does not require a bird to defense the base. Even if a player is not so good at this game, he can feel free to take part in the knockdown.

As a blockchain game developed on Cocos-BCX chain, Crypto Tanks supports the basic transactions, token issuance of Cocos-BCX, and later, the NHAS 1808 non-homogenous asset standard.

Crypto Tanks is set as a battle casual game, that won’t take too much of the time. Tokens get from the game can be used in staking to get dividends, or in the purchasing and upgrading of tanks, bullets and props.

Compared to Battle of Balls and Snake Joy, Crypto Tanks is of high fault tolerance rate. Players won’t lose everything in a single miss. The HP setup in the game will keep players safe from a sec-kill.

The development team: developing from scratch for better quality

Founded in Sep 2018, has developed several blockchain games till now and integrated the SDKs of many mainstream public chains.

As for why Crypto Tanks is developed on Cocos-BCX TestNet, the team explained: “Cocos-BCX is quite user-friendly for developers to develop games on blockchain. Its unique Multiverse concept and non-homogenous assets are innovative functions that can hardly found in other public chains. Looking back, we can find that there is quite a huge potential for those Dapps at an early stage on some major public chains after its mainnet launch. I hope we and the gamers won’t miss this opportunity.

Regarding the team’s mission, said: “we won’t ditch this game after gaining the first bucket of gold. For better game quality, we decided to develop from scratch instead of adapting an existed open-source game. Crypto Tanks is completed made by our own.”

Speaking of future plan, introduced that there will be more tank and shell types, as well as props, to enrich the gameplay and add more liquidity to the circulation of in-game assets. What’s more, there will be different kinds of rooms (game modes) like team-game, Fomo countdown, ranking room, etc. with a variety of gameplay.

The game is available on Cocos-BCX official website, gamers may enjoy the game and earn cryptocurrencies now.

Watch the game video here

There’s more to come, stay tuned!


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