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Oct 9 · 3 min read

On Oct. 6, 2019, Game Oasis Hackathon Bangalore Chapter co-hosted by Binance Labs, Matic, Cocos-BCX, Celer Network, Marlin, Contentos and MakerDao came to a successful conclusion.

The 2-day hackathon marked the third stop of the global hackathon tour with more than 120 developers from 26 teams building blockchain games alongside leading blockchain projects, of which 5 teams submitted their final works built on top of Cocos-BCX and won the prizes after reviewing by judges.

Let’s meet the winners of Bounties offered by Cocos-BCX:

  • First Place ($500)

Team: Xpeainence


Legend of Zirconis is a multiplayer RPG game built on top of Unity and Cocos-BCX. They integrated Cocos Unity SDK to have payments on Cocos chain.

  • Second Place ($250)

Team: Sarchy

Game: ElonToMars

ElonToMars is a simulation blockchain game built on top of Cocos-BCX and integrated payment with Cocos chain.

  • Extra place ($250)

Team: The Oasis

Game: Pongchainers

Pongchainers is a casual jumping game built on top of Cocos Creator and Cococ-BCX.

Team: Enigma

Game: Fishnetworking

Fishnetworking is a game based on Cocos-BCX where the player uses a fish to travel around the world. The player creates a fish upon registration and put it to an origin location. The fish needs water to move around to different places. The player’s job is to collect as much water as possible to power the fish and help it move around. The length of the fish’s journey depends on the amount of water player collects at the end of the game. The location and origin of all the fish are stored in the blockchain. When the fish meets other fish and builds its network, the information is also stored in the blockchain.

Team: Hieroglyphics

Game: Sphere Dash

Sphere Dash is a fast-paced ball game with two versions (one with celerX integration and the other with Cococs BCX payments integration) for gamers to have a fun and addictive gaming experience.

More works come out from the Bangalore hack can be found here.

Next chapter of Game Oasis Hackathon will be at San Francisco from Oct. 25–27! Let’s continue to BUIDL together!


Official Blog of Cocos-BCX, A Full Stack Development Platform for Next-Gen Digital Game Economy

the Cocos-BCX Team

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Official Blog of Cocos-BCX, A Full Stack Development Platform for Next-Gen Digital Game Economy

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