How to participate Tap Fantasy IGO: First IGO project on Cocos-BCX!

Ⅰ. Tap Fantasy IGO Overview

Symbol: TAP
Total supply: 1,000,000,000
One share price: 500U
One share amount: 12500TAP
IGO start time: 20:00, Jan.5, 2022 (UTC+8)
IGO end time: 20:00, Jan.10, 2022 (UTC+8)
Draw claim time: 20:00, Jan.10, 2022 (UTC+8)

Total shares: 7,500,000 TAP Token
Initial release time: 20:00, Jan.26, 2022 (UTC+8)
First unlock rate: 20%

Linear Release: 20% for the initial release, followed by a three-month lock. Starting from the fourth month, there will be a 10% release monthly.

Phase 2 linear release time: Apr.26, 2022
Interval time: one month
Remaining release rate: 10% for each release

Ⅱ. How to participate in IGO on Cocos-BCX?

1) Become a COCOS-BCX member.

2) Get computing power via:

- Stake COCOS
- Invite new members successfully

3) Make a purchase.

4) Wait until IGO ends.

5) Claim the result of your draw.

- Win a lottery: you can immediately withdraw the initial release. The remaining tokens will be released subsequently at a set ratio.
- Miss out: your purchase principal goes back to the purchasing address.

6) Take part in the next IGO project.

Ⅲ. Rules for Cocos-BCX IGO Lottery

1) Cocos-BCX IGO is open for all COCOS members.

2) Based on the shares that users purchased, the rules are as follows at the end of IGO:

- Shares less than IGO amount: 100% lottery winning rate for all users.
- Shares outnumber IGO amount: the winning rate varies according to the membership level. The higher level, the higher the winning rate.

3) When the purchase ends, the “rebase” function is required to trigger, and all participants are accessible to click. Once it’s activated with one click, it’s open for all users to claim the result in “My IGO” under the personal account page. The winners can claim the project token of the initial release at once. Users who miss out will get the principal back directly in the system. For those who forget to claim, the system will remain it until it’s claimed.

4) TAP-IGO Release Rules:

- Initial release: 20%
- Phase 2: 10% on monthly basis starting from Apr. 26, 2022
- Release cycle: 11 months

5) Users can view the progress of their purchased IGO projects in personal accounts.

6) Users can view real-time membership status in personal accounts.

7) The “rebase” before the lottery requires a snapshot of the user’s membership status. Therefore participants can keep leveling up before IGO ends to enhance the winning rate. We suggest all participants not withdraw the COCOS and COCOS NFT staked which are used to get the computing power. It will lead to a downgrade of membership levels and a lower winning rate.

Ⅳ. Cocos-BCX Membership Level & Computing Power Requirement

Ⅴ. Cocos-BCX Membership Level

The level of Cocos-BCX member is determined by computing power:

Power=stakePower stakeRate + [(lv1 * referLv1Rate + lv2 * referLv1Rate) * referRate]

The membership levels will change dynamically according to the DAO governance afterward.


The computing power varies in five types of NFTs. Each COCOS locked equals 1.1 to 1.8 Power.(This is the rule used by the old staking website.)

COCOS Staking

Different amounts staked result in different powers. Each COCOS staked equals 1 Power.

Rules for Principal Deductions when Staking COCOS

  • No Less than 30 days: No principal deduction
  • 20–30 days (incl 20 days): 1% principal deduction
  • 10–20 days (incl 10 days): 2% principal deduction
  • 5–10 days (incl 5 days): 5% principal deduction
  • Less than 5 days: 10% principal deduction

Rules for Referral Computing Power

  • 1st tier inviter: 50 Power
  • 2nd tier inviter: 10 Power

There are 5,000 members at present. The computer power is based on the current status without any newly added members to superpose. To maximize the profits for existing members, Cocos-BCX will control members’ total number. Please follow Cocos-BCX for a new round of member recruitment.

Ⅵ. Rules for IGO Allocation

1) Each IGO Pool will allocate shares according to different membership levels.

2) Each membership level corresponds to a different winning rate.

3) Users will have to claim the result of their draws by themselves.

4) The moment that a user clicks “rebase” determines one’s membership level, which applies shares accordingly.

5) The number of winners will be determined by the number of participants and allocated shares for each level.

6) Token will be reserved for winners who do not withdraw. If a user misses more than one round of release, the latest release will be shown to the user and the user can withdraw all previously missed rounds at once.

7) Once the IGO starts, the shares for each level will change dynamically. Unfilled shares of a level will go to the level below. For example, if there are 100 shares allocated for Lv. 4 members, but only 50 Lv. 4 members participate, then the remaining share will go to Lv. 3 members.

8) If you win a lottery, you can get the token set for that release. If not, you will get back the principal spent on the purchase.

9) If the shares purchased by users are less than the IGO amount, it’s a 100% winning rate for all users; If it outnumbers the IGO amount, the winning rate varies according to the membership levels.

Ⅶ. Rules for IGO Project Referral Commissions

- 0.8% to the first tier inviter
- 0.2% to the second tier inviter

Ⅷ. About Tap Fantasy

1) What is Tap Fantasy?


Free to Play: <Tap Fantasy> is an MMORPG blockchain game developed by HTML 5. Players don’t have to download the game and purchase NFT items, just open it directly on the web page or wallet and can start the game immediately.

Play to Earn: After purchasing NFT skins, players can enter the VIP hunting area and obtain TOKEN and NFT skins, thereby starting the mode of earning while playing.

NFT Skins: 200+ NFT skins with different colors are ready before the game launches. Each skin includes exquisite paintings, 3D models, and dubbing by well-known Japanese voice actors.

Smart AI Recommendation Algorithm: Gameplays and content that players are interested in will be recommended by the smart recommendation algorithm, and it also supports third-party developers that are loved by the players.

Third-party Developers: Earn shares of the operating income by designing small games and uploading modules through the code-free map editor. Designers can also create their own NFT profile images, wallpapers, building shapes, and character skin appearances and sell them to other players in the market.

2)Product Strategy


The Marketplace is an important place that reflects the value of the investment and enables players to have a real social experience. Investments, developments, and production results of all NFT items will be completed through the embedded blockchain Marketplace in the game.

Through the Marketplace, players can have commercial activities in the Metaverse and earn profit:

1. Purchase and lease NFT assets
2. Land sales and lease
3. Obtain profits of NFTs’ value increase
4. Obtain NFT reinforcement materials


- NFT Lands: Ownership of lands and the corresponding buildings allows profiting through virtual commerce.
- NFT Skins: Strengthen characters and go to the Earning Area to fight for magic Crystals.
- Magical Crystal: Rare resources can strengthen the ability of NFT characters.


All characters’ NFT skins include exquisite paintings, 3D models, and dubbing by well-known Japanese voice actors.

Players can use TOKEN to increase the character’s favourability, which can improve the efficiency of treasure hunting. There is a 1/1024 chance to activate hidden skins, obtain the appearance and attributes of SP level skins, and increase the value of your NFT skins!

3) Listing Plan

- NFT Skin Pre-sale: The pre-sale of NFT skins allows the first group players to obtain the genesis skins of TAP FANTASY, with limited quantity and great collection value.

- Genesis Season Launch: The first Metaverse version will be launched on the BSC public chain. The Genesis Season contains 16 characters and more than 64 NFT skins. The open world will contain five continents with different styles and four elemental instances for players to earn while playing.

- Multi-chain Deployment: The official version will be deployed on other mainstream public chains, and corresponding servers will be opened for players from different public chains to play.

- Social System Launch: Players can cross-chain socializing in the Metaverse by their own NFT profile images and wallpapers to create a personalized appearance and sell their own NFT profile images and wallpapers on the in-game Marketplace. You can also upload these NFT profile images and wallpapers to social media like FACEBOOK.

- Cross-chain Maps Launch: The cross-chain PVE & field PVP system will be launched. Players can hunt for BOSS refreshed in the wild with players from other public chains on the cross-chain map. Plus, players can also start battles with other players to gain profits.

- Cross-chain Arena Launch: The multi-chain deployment arena system and guild battle system will be launched. Every 90 days is a season, allowing different public chain players to compete. And at the end of each season, players and guilds in the top rankings can get huge prizes.

- Land Construction System Launch: With lands auctions, the construction system will allow players to build commercial buildings on their own lands. Meanwhile, you can purchase NFT building skins to DIY the appearance.

- Code-free Map Editor Launch: Third-party game developers can create and design gameplay modules through our code-free map editor. With the GOLD COINS that players use in these third-party gameplay modules, designers can get a 50% commission.

- TAP Ecological Foundation: TAP will open chain data and game data to more developers and designers, allowing more developers and designers to participate in the construction of the game ecology. Therefore, ecological funds will be used to support this.

About Team

TF team has been involved in the development of HTML5 games since 2017. And “TapTap Fantasy” was officially released (AKA: 红の骑⼠团, 流⽕之诗, Knights of fantasy, etc.) in Taiwan, Japan, Southeast Asia, Thailand, South Korea, Russia and other regions in 2019.

The Taiwan region is represented by Soft-World, eventually made one of SoftWorld’s highest revenue products in the first quarter of 2020. Japan is represented by the well-known Ingame and presented at the Tokyo Game Show in 2020, becoming the most popular H5 game in Japan.

“TapTap Fantasy” was also launched in Facebook Instant Game in April 2021, and became the most popular adventure and role-playing game on Facebook, and received two global recommendations. In less than six months, it has gained more than 1.5 million game users and nearly 400,000 active users. As of the end of September 2021, TapTap Fantasy has accumulated more than 20 million users worldwide.

We started planning for the “Tap Fantasy Metaverse” version in March 2021 and officially launched the project on July 1st, 2021. The current development progress has reached 80%, and it is planned to be officially launched in the fourth quarter of 2021.










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