Meet Cocos-BCX — Future of Blockchain Game Development Empowering Over 1.3 Million Developers

With over 1.3 million developers, Cocos is the most widely adopted game engine in Asia and is #2 worldwide by market share. Many awesome games including Angry Birds, Badlands, Fight! and Clash of Kings were built using the Cocos development platform and many amazing game publishers including Zynga & Big Fish Games rely on Cocos2d-x everyday.

At Cocos, we believe that games will be the first and foremost user-facing application built on a blockchain. This is why we decided to launch Cocos-BCX (Cocos Blockchain Expedition) with the goal to create an open system where game developers can have access to a new game engine and development environment supporting multiple blockchain systems.

Cocos-BCX consists three core components:

  1. Cocos-BCX blockchain game engine — a software framework and virtual machine (run-time operating environment) that supports multiple blockchains, device types and operating systems.

We started building Cocos-BCX in November 2017 and released our first demo of the platform in March 2018. The demo included the components for game item generation, transfer and offline storage on our experimental version of Cocos virtual machine and CocosChain.

As Cocos-BCX’s vision is to build a blockchain gaming ecosystem, we have already started working with leading blockchain projects such as Loom, ONT, Nebulas, Cell Evolution, and we are looking for more partners in both the gaming and blockchain field.

Stay tuned…

Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing more info about our technology, project progress, and our plans moving forward. Meanwhile, we’d love for you to join our community of game developers and crypto enthusiasts!

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We look forward to working with you and all game developers around the world!


Official Blog of Cocos-BCX, Developer Platform for Decentralized Digital Assets

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Official Blog of Cocos-BCX, Developer Platform for Decentralized Digital Assets