Optimization of Incentive Plan for Cocos-BCX Buidlers & Angels

Cocos-BCX Incentive Plan have been progressing smoothly for more than two months with the onboarding of the three rounds of Buidlers & Angels. In considering the feedback received from the community, Cocos-BCX loosened the upper limits on the numbers of Buidlers & Angels, made some adjustments, and now is releasing the optimized version of the Incentive Plan.

Optimization of Incentive Mechanism for Cocos-BCX Buidlers

1) Application & Evaluation

The general standard for the onboarding of Buidlers remains the same, but the number of Buidlers for each category will be reconsidered.

2) Incentive Mechanism

  • The total amount of reward for Buidlers remains the same during the TestNet period.
  • The reward pool for Buidlers (tools & dgames) will be separated from the general reward pool to ensure that the technical ecosystem can grow rapidly.
  • It is more flexible for Buidlers to submit contribution report from time to time, summing up the work done in a certain period.

3) Ranking Criteria

  • Tasks released will be ordered by priority for Buidlers to concentrate on tasks of higher priority. The rewards will be set according to the priority of the task.
  • Buidlers shall contact Cocos-BCX technical team for the selection of proper task to avoid repeated development or work that does not meet technology trends.
  • The amount of reward and project schedule need to be discussed and agreed with Cocos-BCX Foundation.

Tasks for Tools Buidlers

Tasks for Tools Buidlers

Integration with Cocos-BCX blockchain

One of the following points should be met according to the genre of the game.

  • The game should be developed on the Cocos-BCX TestNet, supporting payment by COCOS
  • The smart contract of the game should be deployed on Cocos-BCX
  • The game should support NHAS 1808 standard, and have its own economic model design.

Requirements on the game

  • Game Genres: Card Games, Simulation Games, Sandbox Games, Competitive Games, etc. The genre of the game should be suitable for blockchain;
  • Game Quality: The game should be finished with a demo or design documents and the team should update Cocos-BCX tech team on the progress, upon which the amount of reward will be determined;

*Completion time and gameplay of the game in each genre is the key to the ranking of dgame Buidler’s contribution reward.

Cocos-BCX welcomes developers to develop games on the Cocos-BCX public chain, and offers token incentives for outstanding game developers. Dgame Buidlers lined up for incentives need to contact Cocos-BCX Foundation for the determination of rewards corresponding to their contribution.

4) Amount of Reward

The amount of reward for Dgame Buidlers is flexible due to the diversity in game genres. Therefore the amount will be determined after assessment by and discussion with Cocos-BCX Foundation.

Optimization of Incentive Mechanism for Cocos-BCX Angels

The total amount of the reward for Cocos-BCX Angels remains the same, but the ranking is further divided into 6 levels to better match contribution with rewards. The reward pool for Buidlers is now separated from that of Angels after optimization.

The number of winners under each level and corresponding rewards have been adjusted as follows:

Note: The number of winners is not fixed but depends on applications submitted and contribution made during the current cycle.

Reward distribution:

  • Time: Rewards will be distributed in one week after the ranking list is posted.
  • Lock-up: No
  • Evaluation: There will be several rounds of evaluation after the contribution reports submitted before the 10th of each month.

1) Optimized ranking criteria for community operation Angels

  • [Basics] Number of groups established for Cocos-BCX (no less than 1 group for Lv 2 and above);
  • [Basics] Original community size (for Lv 1: 1500, for Lv 2: 1000, for Lv 3: 500)
  • [Basics] Activeness (chatting data) of a single group shall not be less than 50 people / month;
  • [Basics] Number of contents created + distributed (for Lv1: 20, for Lv2: 10, for lv3: 5)
  • [Basics] Number of KOL in the community
  • [Basics] Organize no less than one online event with 50 participants per month;
  • [Plus] Actively participate in or organize offline events (30 participants)
  • [Plus] Number of regional community or community focused on a certain field/topic;

2) Optimized ranking criteria for content Angels

  • [Basics] Timely distribute Cocos-BCX official releases on the homepage of their own channels.
  • [Basics] Create positive reports on Cocos-BCX and distribute the articles on different content platforms.
  • [Basics] The coverage and PV effects of the platforms distributed, which are assessed according to actual statistics.
  • [Plus] Depth or originality of the content, which is assessed case by case. (Topics can be determined after discussion with Cocos-BCX.)
  • [Plus] The total number of platforms distributed, and whether the article is recommended on the homepage by the platforms. Platforms of high SEO weights: 8BTC, Jinse, Mars Finance, Odaily, Toutiao, etc.
  • [Plus] The size of community the article has been distributed to. (for Lv1: 1500, for Lv2: 1000, for Lv3: 500)
  • [Plus] Organize online or offline promotion campaign, or invite Cocos-BCX to participate in relevant events and promote correspondingly.

Community members may also refer to our previous articles Cocos-BCX Buidlers & Angels Ranking Criteria, Cocos-BCX’s First Builders & Angels List and Cocos-BCX’s Second Builders & Angels List for more details.

Interested teams and individuals can still apply for the Cocos-BCX Ecosystem Incentive Plan by filling out the form at https://forms.gle/J95uLt2S1Qvru6ey8.

*Cocos-BCX reserves all the right for the final interpretation.




A DAO to enable the future Metaverse with decentralization technology and MetaFi. We currently develop various infrastructures for NFT, GameFi, IGO and more.

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A DAO for future Metaverse with decentralization technology and MetaFi. NFT, GameFi, IGO and more. Website: cocosbcx.io

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