Road to the Future: Global Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem Conference Coming Soon

Jul 27, 2019 · 2 min read

The innovative blockchain technology is poised to disrupt many industries in much the same way open-source software did a quarter-century ago. Games, among others, will be the first and foremost user-facing industry to be changed by and benefited from blockchain technology.

To further explore the potential of blockchain gaming, DappReview and CocoaChina will jointly host the Global Blockchain Game Ecosystem Conference on Aug. 2 in the MIFA 1862 Art Center, a converted 155-year-old shipyard on the Binjiang Avenue in Shanghai, gathering hundreds of star projects, media and KOLs in the blockchain and game industries.

Formerly known as China Blockchain Technology and Game Developers Conference held by ChinaJoy in August 2018, in which ChinaJoy, Cocos-BCX, DappReview and INBlockchain jointly released the 2018 Blockchain Game Industry White Paper, Global Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem Conference is now rebranded by DappReview and CocoaChina to carry on what ChinaJoy started.

As a platform for Next-Gen Digital Game Economy, Cocos-BCX will be the platinum and only sponsor of the grand conference for blockchain gaming.



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ChainNode, Bihu, OrangePaper, Lianyuyu, HashBang, EOS Gravity, Chain Club, DAPP.CC, TokenSky, DoraHacks, etc.

About DappReview:

DappReview is the largest DApp platform in the world now tracking 3300+ Dapps’ data across 10 public chains. They dedicate to helping users find more interesting Dapps and developers better promote Dapps and acquire more customers, so as to see the mass adoption of blockchain on applications in different categories.

About CocoaChina:

Founded in 2008, CocoaChina is a world-renowned Chinese community for iOS developers, with a sub-brand CVP platform. They are trying to “make mobile development easier” and currently cover more than 70% of iOS developers in the Chinese community.

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Official Blog of Cocos-BCX, A Full Stack Development Platform for Next-Gen Digital Game Economy


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Official Blog of Cocos-BCX, A Full Stack Development Platform for Next-Gen Digital Game Economy

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