Choose to see the Good in People…

keeping your head above the water and keeping that cool and calm attitude while you serve your clients is a great effort of deliberate character.

This could be the most difficult thing you can opt to do today given the dynamics of how life has become dynamic and altered the expectation of human to human interaction and character.

I am writing this from an entrepreneurs perspective deeply concerned in the best ways to scale up my business and still be considerable and sensitive to other people while delivering what is expected of me, as an entrepreneur, Son, brother, lover, colleague and friend.

I must confess, being an entrepreneur, it can really be challenging to try see the good in people since often you will feel the challenge of keeping your head above the water and keeping that cool and calm attitude while you serve your clients.

I am a web developer and designer, or at least that is the current niche of my business KayTouch Solutions which I am scaling up to a Concept Development entity.

My vision for my business to to be able to be among the world leaders in offering solutions that impact positively on how the world and the people interact. I know it’s not going to be easy, there is so much going on out there and I am having sleepless nights trying to find the perfect fit for an ultimate product. So while I work on web and mobile UX/UI projects to be best at my craft, generate revenue, am also trying to develop a unique product that will propel my business to the next level to becoming the next big thing.

Most of the challenges that I face as an entrepreneur and those encountered by my business is mostly from people who fail to understand why we exist and provide the services that we do. The passion of trying to be better is highly misunderstood. For example; if a client has work to be done, with a fixed budget and set timeframe, the execution of this work will still be of the same quality as a project that meetst the actual cost from us.

This is where most clients(from my experience) have had it wrong and eventually disrespect our willingness to accommodate them within their parameters.

Often, we have clients, individuals or organizations that will request that we do some work for them mainly because of the challenges or obstacles that they may have encountered elsewhere, so while we choose to understand them and execute, most just never keep the side of their deal.

Some never pay others do not clear pending balances while others do not even provide the information needed to proceed forward yet demand a long list of expectations.

I normally find this very disrespectful, because i believe when we get down to any project, what matters is what we agreed in the first place, when the agreement is severed, things go wild!

So, I am always faced with this question, are these people for real? Or are they just genuine people with ideas but caught in a situation that makes them selfish…

Or are they not just Transparent?

I think, venturing into business exposes someone to a wide array of characters and it is very easy to lose your belief in the goodness of people.

These scenarios can alter in a big way your perception of people since, on a personal level people are nice, but when we get down to business, they are just plain bad, selfish and insensitive.

It’s not personal, Just Business

It’s a statement I have heard in gangster movies for a long time, so as I choose to see the good in people, I have to draw a line in my mind; that people are good, them willing to give you business is proof, but when we conduct the business they have offered, most fail terribly, and that as an entrepreneur I would conclude “that there is good in people even if they are bad and selfish entrepreneurs”.

So, as an entrepreneur when you cut ties from certain individuals, it’s not because they are bad people, you just do not like the way they conduct business. Others get the hint(and may rectify-most don’t), others do not and will come back, apologise, explain, offer a deal, you fall for it then repeat the same awful thing all over again, Now that’s a bad person, so you avoid at all costs in all levels.

I hope to have communicated to early and budding entrepreneurs out there and those venturing into business. I am looking forward to your comments and please feel free to share.

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