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How to export your Facebook saved links to Pocket

This is a quick and dirty fix, but it helped me export 1300+ links to Pocket.

I find a lot of useful content on Facebook and their Save button is very convenient for reading links later, but I’m also a huge fan of Pocket, especially for reading articles on my mobile phone, so I wanted to find a solution to get the best of both worlds.

Edit (2020–09–06): I open-sourced the Google Chrome Extension on Github:

Edit (2019–07–12): I took the time to convert all the scripts in this page to a Google Chrome extension, which should be more convenient for most people. Check out the link below!

What you will need

  • Any Pocket account
  • The Batch Save Pocket extension


  1. Go to your “Saved” page
  2. Scroll all the way down until all links are loaded
    Keep your “PageDown” key pressed, or paste this in your adress bar:

3. Open your console, paste this and hit Enter:

This will output all the external links, without duplicates, separated by space characters, similar to this:

4. Copy the output, Google Chrome provides a handy Copy button:

5. Paste the output in Batch Save Pocket’s Paste Links tab

6. Click on Parse

7. Click on Submit to Pocket

Depending on the number of links and your computer speed, you might have to sit tight for a few minutes.

And voilà!

Your links are now free to enjoy from anywhere.



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