Nodebooks: Sharing Data Between Node.js & Python

Connecting to a Cloudant database for analysis (part 2)

  • Use Node.js code inside of Jupyter notebooks by adding pixiedust_node
  • Use print and display in JavaScript and Python code to output and visualise data
  • Add npm modules into our notebook and build functions using callbacks or promises

Sharing data between Node.js & Python cells

var wave = [];
for (var i = 0; i < 1000; i++) {
var x = 2*Math.PI * i/ 360;
var obj = {
x: x,
i: i,
sin: Math.sin(x),
cos: Math.cos(x),
tan: Math.tan(x)
  1. The JavaScript variable to use (wave)
  2. The name of the Python variable you want to send it to (w)
store(wave, 'w');
# count of dataframe
print w.count()
# maximum value of the sin wave
print w['sin'].max()
# minimum value of the sin wave
print w['sin'].min()
# average value of the tan wave
print w['tan'].mean()

Accessing a Cloudant database from a notebook

// connect to Cloudant using cloudant-quickstart
var cloudantqs = require('cloudant-quickstart');
var cities = cloudantqs('');

Exploring the data using Node.js in a notebook

// {"name": "Stowmarket", "country": "GB", "longitude": 0.99774, "latitude": 52.18893, "timezone": "Europe/London", "_id": "2636749", "population": 15394}
// [{"name": "York", "country": "US", "longitude": -76.72774, "latitude": 39.9626, "timezone": "America/New_York", "_id": "4562407", "population": 43718}, {"name": "Stowmarket", "country": "GB", "longitude": 0.99774, "latitude": 52.18893, "timezone": "Europe/London", "_id": "2636749", "population": 15394}, {"name": "Mexico City", "country": "MX", "longitude": -99.12766, "latitude": 19.42847, "timezone": "America/Mexico_City", "_id": "3530597", "population": 12294193}]
The cloudant-quickstart npm module querying a Cloudant database, from within the context of a Python Jupyter Notebook.
// fetch cities in UK above latitude 54 degrees north
cities.query({country:'GB', latitude: { "$gt": 54}}).then(display);

Aggregating data

// 2694222973
// {"BD": 25149982, "BE": 7224564, "BF": 2381615, "BG": 4401796, "BA": 1790001 ....
cities.all({limit:25000}).then(function(data) {
store(data, 'y');
// y stored
# 2694222973

What’s next?



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