The Many Facets of Offline First

The Offline First community answers the question: What is Offline First?

An Offline Camp participant providing a recap of a breakout session during Offline Camp Berlin.

The Offline First community is made up of developers, designers, user experience professionals, security professionals, privacy experts, and many others with a diverse range of perspectives and interests. The Offline First community has gathered regularly at Offline Camps around the world to discuss the intersection of Offline First with everything from Progressive Web Apps, hybrid mobile apps, native mobile apps, desktop apps, the Internet of Things (IoT), the decentralized web and peer-to-peer technologies, data science, analytics at the edge, and much more. We asked Offline Camp participants to share some of the key themes that have emerged from these conversations:

What is Offline First? Offline Camp attendees share their perspective. (Video production courtesy of IBM.)

There is no single definition of Offline First. These voices represent only a cross section of the broader Offline First community. The Offline Camp Medium publication contains dozens and dozens of posts exploring the many aspects of Offline First, as well as a curated list of additional resources ranging from videos to podcasts. You can also join the Offline First Slack team to discuss the many challenges and opportunities in the Offline First space.

Offline Camp this November

Are you building an Offline First app or interested in the Offline First movement? The organizers of Offline Camp are gathering the Offline First community again for a weekend of collaboration at a ranch in southern Oregon. Offline Camp Oregon will take place the weekend of November 10–13, 2017 (Friday through Monday) in Grants Pass, Oregon.

Apply for Offline Camp Oregon by Monday, October 23 to receive the Right on Time Bird rate of $550, which includes food and lodging. As part of our goal to build a diverse Offline First community, we have a number of scholarships available for Offline Camp Oregon. Please indicate on your application form that you would like to be considered for a scholarship. Applying to participate in Offline Camp Oregon does not commit you to purchasing a ticket. We hope to see you at Offline Camp Oregon in just a few short weeks!