ART+TECH Collab Zone at BoxWorks

Imagine a social graph. Not for your network of friends. But for the people you work with. Your co-workers, vendors, suppliers, and customers.

What do you imagine it will look like?

Collab Zone, an installation that visualizes the modern workplace, uses real data to illustrate the radical changes taking place in the way we work. It shows how workers are growing more collaborative and the depth of those interactions. It unravels the shift in work habits in seven industries including tightly regulated ones like healthcare and finance.

The result is an interactive piece that combines physics, data visualization, and performance art created by CODAME and Kinetech Arts.

This immersive experience, a truly remarkable undertaking, was made possible thanks to the generous support of Box as part of CODAME’s Adopt an Artist program.

Come play at the Collab Zone at BoxWorks 2014 from Sept 3–4, 2014 at The Moscone Center North

Creative minds behind Collab Zone:

Adoptees (Box Inc): Vinit Patil, Spencer Sass and Sunjin Kim.

Adopted (CODAME): Weidong Yang and Travis Bennett.

More details, photos, and videos coming soon. Stay tuned!

The creative minds behind Transformation

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