Announcing #ARTEX our next CODAME event on Artificial Experiences.

A night of art+technology to explore how we assign value to experiences inside and outside of our screens.

Poster by Myles Thompson

Happening on November 11th at Hotel Zetta, Artificial Experiences will showcase some of the most artistic, inspiring and visionary designers, engineers, architects, makers, hackers and technologists.

“The Artificial Experiences event will take a closer look at how technology is seeping into every second of our waking lives ” said Bruno Fonzi, co-founder of CODAME. “On November 11th, we will bring together the digital explorers of our time to help us press pause on our digital and physical realms to consider how our connection to our screens are impacting us now and into the future.”

The evening will bring people together to mix with art, music and performances to ponder on technology as an extension of life.

“#ArtEx is a playful take on the question of how we assign value to experiences,” said Jordan Gray, CODAME co-founder and Curator. “We’re constantly balancing reality and fantasy as we navigate the world and our desires. #ArtEx is an acknowledgement and celebration of that head-space.”

Tickets are available for purchase for $25 per ticket. Event profits support participating artists, in line with the CODAME mission of sustaining the arts.

“Art and technology have always been interrelated, but now, thanks to organizations like CODAME, they are linked more than ever before.” said San Francisco based artist Marpi. “As technology evolves, I like to experiment, pushing the envelope. Artificial Experiences #ARTEX is the perfect platform for my latest exploration, Mass Migrations, built on WebGL and available also as a VR experience using WebVR.”


At 8pm there will be brief artist talks, presented by emcee Jasper Patterson.

Music Performance by Real DJ Heroes

The event will feature a mixture of musicians, artists and performers. Including:


Full body scans for stylized identities. ModBod is a 3d scanning booth offering a unique and memorable experience. From house parties to conferences, no crowd is too big or small for capture fun. If you can hold a pose for a few minutes, ModBod will capture it forever!

ILLY by Yagiz Mungan

Illy is a Primitive Intelligence: a semi-intelligent system powered by Web Audio API and WebGL. It understands what it is spoken to in a primitive way and responds to us in a primitive, emotional and simple way both sonically and visually. As opposed to the cutting edge AIs and interfaces like Siri, Alexa, Cortana, OK Google, Illy does not understand natural language, defined commands or even language at all.

It does not respond using fine-tuned intonations to deliver the information gathered from the cloud, it is not integrated with any services. It does not show maps, or pictures about the topic. Instead, as an antithesis, it only tries to understand the sonic properties of the spoken language like the attack, loudness, roughness and pitch. And responds sonically, in a non-language, musical, psychoacoustical way: without the symbolic sounds that we call language but with tonal sounds, timbre, frequency, consonance and rhythm.

Visually, it shapes the visuals focusing on size, speed and color determined by its understanding and creating an abstract visual. Ignoring the symbolic data, like an infant, Primitive Intelligence tries to understand the emotion in the human voice — free from symbols of the language — and responds you with your emotions like sonic mirror to the soul. The interactive experience brings questions about human sound and human-machine interface that we sometimes ignore in this age of information.


Massively Multiplayer Online Art. An experiment in mecha world creation. Build your custom robot for a generative music visualization. Create, adopt and set them free. Also eworks in VR, step inside the environment using WebVR, with an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. Available as a performance or installation.


Deep Dream Vision Quest performs continuous sequential Deep Dream processing on live video. Motion detection reduces the amount of data fed to the neural network. The machine dreams about whatever it last saw until something moves and a new picture arrives.


A Flourish of Tiny Regrets is an intimate interactive installation, pulling together a range of technologies to build an immersive experience.

A container of water becomes a touch-sensitive surface that displays a generative system; the technologies/environments involved include OpenFrameworks, OpenCL, Rafler’s smooth gliders algorithm, IRCAM’s CatArt concatenative synthesis system, and a Leap motion sensor.

The viewer sees a small circular body of water or other fluid, with leaves floating on the surface. When the viewer touches/draws on the fluid surface, small organic forms appear in the fluid and go through a series of complex and unpredictable transformations; a series of chirps and warbles appear to be voiced by the submerged creatures.


Psychometric Cinema is a virtual situation, in which the connotative meaning of objects and events for humans are clearly visible for the naked eye. The work is based on Osgood’s semantic differential that describes individual connotations deriving individual attitudes.


The Internet of Consciousness explores the changing the landscape around altered consciousness and imagines a suite of products catered towards a user’s journey into Self. These wearables create experiences of integrating mind, body and spirit that are augmented into daily life through the designed wearable ecosystem, creating a new kind of altered experiential consciousness. It takes a self reflective, therapeutic approach to the pervasiveness of recreational and illicit drug culture in our society and reimagines technology of the body as physicalizing the hidden micro-expressions we carry and provoking us into new states of awareness.

RECURRENT by Joey Verbeke and Yagmur Uyanik

Recurrent investigates the way that light interfaces with itself and metal. According to Nikola Tesla, the sun is the past, the earth is the present, and the moon is the future. Recurrent consists of looped cycles of light reflections with different frequencies creating a recurring orbital mechanic.


A series of procedurally generated landscapes, appearing on Twitter every six hours. Built in Tracery and hosted on Cheap Bots, Done Quick!

MOTION GRAPHICS by Erica Anderson et al.

CODAME Featured Artists eye-dictive motion graphics on loop to set the ART+TECH mood in any environment. Featuring work from the world’s best along side up and coming creators. Selections for display on projector or TV can be themed for specific events ranging from edgy nightlife to classy corporate.

INVERSE DOLLHOUSE by Jasper Peterson and Dustin Freeman

Inverse Dollhouse takes the tender analog experience of building a environment for a doll, and makes that doll a real person. One player, in a VR headset, is the doll, and several players using a tablet can build a domestic environment around them. When players touch the tablet, their massive virtual hands appear above the doll.

ArtformAR by Ina Yosun Chang

Activated artwork gains digital depths when viewed through the application downloadable to any iOS or Android device.

Used by museums, hotels, architects, galleries, and individual artists to surprise and delight!

Cleverbot IRL by Wave Chair Ghost

Originally released in 1997, Cleverbot is one of the more well-known chat bots designed to be interacted with via text. It learns from its conversations with humans and strives to sound as human as possible in its responses. We want to allow people to have a conversation with Cleverbot, but instead of talking via type, they will have their conversation by talking with another person. A piece of hardware, such as a tablet, will use voice recognition to translate the event attendee’s voice into text, which will then be fed into a conversation with Cleverbot on the tablet. Cleverbot will respond, and a performer will read the response aloud to the attendee. When speaking with Cleverbot, there is a question of “Am I having a real conversation?” that comes up. The more that Cleverbot sounds human, the more blurred the answer to this is. We feel that having a conversation with Cleverbot via human will push people into an uncomfortable “Uncanny Valley” type situation that will make them question the reality of their situation. Is a conversation as a bot as valuable as one with a human even if the same words are exchanged? Who are they talking with? Does having a human “perform” Cleverbot change the experience of the conversation? Why? We hope to bring these questions to the forefront of people’s consciousness, and have them really think about what makes a conversation real.

Refraction Spheres by Yanling He

Refraction is a computer graphics project using ray tracing to simulate reflection and refraction effect. It simulates the effect of looking through a transparent ball to see the flower, nature, people, city and world, which is hard to be captured in our real world. It is also about the distortion of beauty and reality in different people’s eyes.


“Permutation” is a generative video installation that explores the paradox of similarity and difference. A computer algorithm dynamically remixes still portrait photos into an ever-changing, fragmentary video portrait. The algorithm takes 5–6 photos at random and simultaneously displays a vertical section of each that moves across the screen to generate an image that is constantly evolving and never the same.

HOLOSHATTER by Ina Yosun Chang and Jordan Gray

Selfie culture floods us with a never ending stream of egos. Those curated artifacts are not us, but mirror some part of us. HoloShatter offers an opportunity to unpack that facade.

Using a tap gesture, human forms are placed in holographic space, integrated with the real world. Models can be viewed from any angle by physically moving around them. Another tap will shatter the bodies into cybernetic shards.


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“Capital One worked together with CODAME to support Artificial Experiences because we are big believers of the positive impacts of immersive technologies,” said Apurva Shah, head of creative technology at Capital One. “The group of artists CODAME has put together to explore how our immersion in technology is changing our lives will leave attendees with new thoughts about our future lives in digital and physical form.”

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See you Friday, November 11th at Hotel Zetta for some Artificial Experiences.