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Congratulations to the ART+TECH Build-A-Thon Rawthentic winners!

CODAME + Twilio partnered to create a two-day virtual creative Build-A-Thon event focused on creating art that incorporates communication technology as part of the 2022 ART+TECH Festival, themed around Rawthentic.

Rawthentic ART+TECH Build-A-Thon

During the two days of the CODAME Rawthentic ART+TECH Build-A-Thon we’ve been very impressed by the innovative creative ideas and the incredible projects that we’ve seen in this worldwide Build-A-Thon event in partnership with Twilio and we are thrilled to announce the winners of this amazing Build-A-Thon!

We genuinely appreciate the artists and developers who took part and worked hard at the Build-A-Thon. We are so excited to see such positive projects and its creativity that they all contribute to the bettering of our ART+TECH community.

First of all. A big thank you to everyone for participating and Twilio for the support! Here the Winners…

1st Prize winners

Cat Calls by Knits for life

Cat Calls by Knits for life

An interactive yarn bombing escape room with an SMS component. 9 cat-themed yarn bombs in the physical world, including hashtags, links to Instagram with more puzzle parts that combine to form a grand puzzle.

About the Team

Knits for life

Jill and Lorna Watt, are sisters known as Knits For Life. Since 2011, we’ve inspired audiences around the world with our unique and often guerrilla-style yarn bombs and fiber art installations. In 2013, Lorna was appointed Artist in Residence for the Downtown Business Association of San Mateo, California, where she produced public art for the Downtown Art Project. Most notably, with Jill, this time saw the birth of our world-renowned “Squid Tree” yarn bomb.

2nd Prize winners (Tie)

My circulatory system

My circulatory system

Circulatory System is a generative series of NFTs created by the biometry of the artist Lina Lopes. A wearable device in the earlobe can measure oxygen levels, visualizing the connections and capillaries of the human body.

About Lina Lopes

Lina Lopes

Lina Lopes is a consultant, entrepreneur, and artist. She expresses in her trajectory the intersection between two worlds: art and technology. Graduated in Cinema by the University of São Paulo and Master in Design by Anhembi-Morumbi College, she has an interdisciplinary background that also includes theater, engineering, and computing.

She has extensive experience in projects, working on the themes of parametric and generative design, video mapping, interactivity, Arduino programming, wearables, internet of things, biomaterials, among others. She is a speaker on innovation and a mentor of bootcamps. Directs LILO.ZONE, space for creative use of technology and is at the forefront of the LILO.THINK initiative focused on immersive processes. She is enthusiastic about experimentation, collaboration, and improvisation.

In the wearables area, she has experience in research and prototyping projects with flexible conductive materials, pneumatic / soft robotics systems, and biomaterials. In 2016, she realized the Touch Skin project, an artistic-scientific residence in the Media Lab of UFG to develop a temporary conductive tattoo, where she entered the universe of science and biological materials. In 2018 she founded BioLiLoLab, a biohacking laboratory within LILO.ZONE, where she is conducting research projects in biomaterials and bioart.

2nd Prize winners (Tie)

Hola Oily by Fereshteh Toosi, Illest Preacha and Joshua Reeves

A first-person quest that takes sci-fi elements and merged them with non-fiction to make a hybrid. So you are communicating with a being, or perhaps an oil spill, named Oily. This multi-media experience uses narrative, generated sound, and images to evoke climate grief and self-reflection.

About the Team

Fereshteh Toosi

Fereshteh Toosi designs experiences that pose questions and foster animistic connections through encounter, exchange, and sensory inquiry. Their artwork often involves documentary processes, oral history, and archival research. These projects are augmented by audio, video, handmade electronics, and media transmissions. The live art events often take place outdoors in gardens, parks, and waterways. Immersive performances are produced in conjunction with small sculptures, short films, installations, scores, and poetry.

Illest Preacha

Kofi Oduro(Illestpreacha) is a Creative Coder & Experience Enhancer, who merges an array of mediums to provide unique experiences that promote discussion, reflection, and interaction. With over 10 years of performance, event production, and audiovisual output globally, he takes inspiration from creative endeavors that are not normally seen together to create a harmonic experience for audience and users alike.

Joshua Reeves

Joshua Reeves is a Web Developer who specializes in making things work together with other things. The aim is to make things, not just easier to use, but a delightful experience. He got serious about development in 2009 and has been finding ways to incorporate his creative side into the sometimes mundane world of programming.

He finds his creative outlet in doodling and simple animation.



ART+TECH Festival 2022

The CODAME ART+TECH FESTIVAL 2022 is a multidisciplinary group exhibition and year-long mantra of honest connection & interaction, codenamed this year RAWTHENTIC.

Held all year round with various events and locations. It will include online, physical experiences, workshops, art+tech hackathons, and performances. The artwork will be showcased in art galleries around the world, online in Optionally also available for sale on and as NFTs on


Mantra of honest connection & interaction.

As facades fall away we have an opportunity to let shine the true colors of our inner flames. Our open call invites artists to present their purest sense of expression in any medium.

By building up each others’ vulnerable, natural desires we forge sustainable, RAWTHENTIC bonds. Create deep wells of understanding and possibility with a sensitive unmasking of experiences. Join us for a gnarly ride of unfiltered vibes!

Curated by Alissa Christine, CODAME is excited for your transparent exploration of physical and metaphysical realities. What inspiration can your deepest mysteries reveal? Artists of all disciplines and artist levels are encouraged to apply.


Send us a proposal to be part of CODAME ART+TECH Festival 2022

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