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with Hufo, CODAME Team and FRAMEWORLD Featured Artists on Minecraft!

This Sunday Sept. 5th, 2021 @ 12pm (noon) (PST)

Minecraft ART+TECH Gallery

Come for a guided tour of FRAMEWORD on the CODAME Minecraft server. Stay for an NFT auction or build your own art gallery!

Virtually online on Zoom and Minecraft, get instructions and video conference link by registering here

No need to be a coder or a Minecraft expert, we will help you need to grasp some Minecraft foundations and basic commands to build your own virtual art gallery.

Art is also available for sale on the CODAME Shop and as part of the CODAME NFT Collection.

We are kindly asking for donations to keep our Minecraft server going.

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///Auction FAQ

Where will the auction be?

The Art Gallery Auction House on Telegram. Auctions are done in real time via chat with a human auctioneer tracking bids from collectors. It’s a digital-native auction format with lots of excitement and gif battles 😁

What crypto currency do I need to bid?

Bids will be in $NEAR; a carbon neutral blockchain with low fees, fast transactions, and a great user experience.

Can I bid with ETH or Paypal?

Sure, why not. You’ll still need an account from to store your NFT 😉

How long will the auctions last?

2 hours. Each auction will be 30 minutes and there are 4 pieces.

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///Minecraft ART+TECH Gallery

Built by Hufo

///Featured Artists

Mirabelle Jones, Delta_Ark, Paula Levine, Pablo Salafurka, Snow Yunxue Fu, Andy Wauman, Jordan Gray, Jody Stillwater, Tarwin Stroh-Spijer, DC Spensley, Anabela Costa, Huili Chen, Quinn Keck, and Tiare Ribeaux.

Mirabelle Jones
Andy Wauman
Jordan Gray
Tarwin Stroh-Spijer
Yagmur Uyanik
Anabela Costa
Huili Chen
Snow Yunxue Fu
Quinn Keck
Paula Levine
DC Spensley
Pablo Salafurka
Jody Stillwater
Tiare Ribeaux

///Art Projects

Embodying the Algorithm
Certitude // 162b2
TheWall-TheWorld (2020)
Vibration, Obfuscation, Detritus & Inheritance
Dear NostalgiaBot
ia manawa nō (at this time)
Howl Silhouette Of Sound
Machine of Perceptions


Art Gallery Auction House



FRAMEWORLD is a web-specific group exhibition, curated by Yağmur Uyanık, that establishes a focus on the discourses around creating a multiplicity of locality, understanding of the new international and transcultural solidarity in the times of extreme precarity. The works in the show together critically engage with the present, embrace the notions of urgency, and propose alternative approaches to current disruptions, reflecting on what interconnectedness and new modes of collectivity look like now.

All exhibited works will have the opportunity to be for sale. Be the first to have access to the art by joining the FRAMEWORLD opening and meet the artists, curator, CODAME team, partners and other collectors, and ART+TECH supporters.

Learn more on

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