Matchbox Salons

Matching CODAME and CounterPulse Artists

CODAME is working in collaboration with CounterPulse, a space and resources for emerging artists and cultural innovators, to co-host Matchbox.

Matchbox is a monthly salon, a forum for the open exchange of art and ideas, sparking transformation in our communities and our society, seeding new cross-disciplinary collaborations.

CODAME and CounterPulse will select and pair Artists from the respective networks to drive participation, engagement, and understanding of the ongoing programming of each of the organizations.

Each pair will conduct research on the other artist’s practice, process, and form. They will then create context providing engagement in the form of writings published to CounterPulse and CODAME, pre-performance events, and other creative responses to build cross-discipline literacy and participation.

Salons and Artist activities are designed to demonstrate the shared, yet differently articulated values of these two creative communities, and effectively bridge existing gaps in the cultural communities of the Tenderloin.

Matchbox monthly events will begin November 16th, 2016 and will be fully hosted onsite at CounterPulse’s new facility at 80 Turk Street.

This first salon will feature choreographer Jesse Hewit (CounterPulse) and digital artist/creative coder Donald Hanson (CODAME). They have been workshopping the personal by sharing weekly letters, they are creatively responding to each other’s work, they are tenderly seeking out discomfort as a space of relatability and generation

This is the first in a series of salons inspired by the generative potential of friction, the striking power of the matchbox. Creativity is often related to fire, and these salons will be hot. Aimed at intersecting the private and the social, the practice and the artist, the context and the content we gather to rub up against each other to see what ignites.

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