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Shaders Workshop

Code Art Together with Char Stiles

Learn how to code graphics and animations using shaders to build digital performances, music visualizers, snap filters, and animated gifs in this online workshop.

This is just the start of a CODAME workshop series to continue to connect, inspire and shape the future by building beautiful and playful ART+TECH experiences all together.

In these challenging times, living in quarantine, social distancing, it’s also an opportunity to be more connected and break barriers by bringing the CODAME spirit online, reaching out beyond San Francisco.

Let’s connect, learn and play with Shaders! Code Art Together!

With the basics down, you’ll learn about different applications of shaders: livecoding performances, music visualizers, spicing up your unity/three.js/openframeworks projects, snap filters, and animated gifs (as just a few examples).

The environment you’ll code in is free and browser based, no time wasted in setup/installation. Open Graphics Library Shading Language (GLSL) is a C-like programming language. It lets you talk directly to your computer’s graphics card and quickly iterate in real time.


Online, 2 Hours, April 18th, 11:30am (PST)


$20 suggested donation with a sliding scale.

We offer special deals for educators and team building. Introduce yourself so we can partner!

Get your ticket now:


This 2-hour session will include the following exercises:

  • Introduction to ray marching & some examples.
  • Write a shader together by combining bits of what we learned.
  • Workshopping time with instructor check-ins.
  • Show and tell your shader creation(s)!
  • Q+A with next steps going forward to learn more about ray marching.
  • Round Table, Algorave & hang!


No programming experience required, but some recommended. Run through the first 15 min of this tutorial if you’re just getting started or need to brush up on syntax.


Computer and internet connection.

For best experience, it’s recommend to have a second screen (or tablet) for the video streaming and keep your main for computer display for live coding and test your shader creations.


We will send you links to tutorial and video meeting the day before the workshop.


Work generated in previous workshops:


Thank you for your support for ART ♥️ TECH

CODAME is a member of Intersection for the Arts a non profit 501(c)(3) organization. All proceeds will be split with the participating artists. Donations are always welcome.

Code of Conduct for all attendees. Reserve your ticket now.

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Promoting collaboration between artists and technologists.

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