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Breaking news: ShyBot gone missing!

Wanted: Battery Dead or Alive

Look out for those Billboards from L.A. to Palm Springs!

“We believe the Shybot grew tired of having it’s every movement voyeuristically spied upon and broke free of it’s shackles. After reprogramming itself to stop sending data transmissions, Shybot wheeled to a remote location to establish a robot commune in the sand.” Jordan Gray

While there few theories posted by the community to search the the Shybot, Desert X is offering a 1k reward for Shybots return, no questions asked!

In the meantime, Shybot in the news…

New York Times

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. — The Shybot has stopped communicating: Last month this small robotic vehicle, designed to avoid people as well as plants and rocks, started its off-road journey as part of the sprawling art exhibition known as “Desert X.” Now it is missing, and its data stream is dead.

The six-wheeled vehicle could have malfunctioned and crashed into a cactus beyond the zone predicted by its last known coordinates. But Neville Wakefield, the “Desert X” curator, is calling the disappearance a likely “botnapping” and is arranging missing-bot billboards offering a $1,000 reward.

The robot’s creator, an Italian artist who uses the very American alias Norma Jeane, said, “I don’t think ShyBot has been destroyed or harmed.”

“My instinct,” he said in a phone interview, “is that somebody with electronics experience probably picked her up to keep her and dismantled the batteries that allowed the data transmission,” which includes location and information from an infrared sensor.

Likewise, Norma Jeane said the disappearance of the shy bot, elusive “by nature,” did not come as a total shock. “We are pretty sad, but we knew she would disappear eventually,” the artist said. “The goal wasn’t to get shy bot back but to provide her with all possible chances to get lost.”


A recovery mission now underway.

“She could have been bot napped.”

Shybot, a robot designed to roam the desert and avoid human contact, can’t be found. 20 billboards have been posted in LA, Orange County and San Diego.

“She might have got stuck; she mights have flipped and her solar panels are facing downward.”

She’s part of Desert X: a temporary art instillation tucked away across the Coachella Valley. Desert X has gained international attention from the art community, tourists, locals and social media savvy when the free exhibition began.

Neville Wakefield, the curator of Desert X, spoke to KMIR news about the missing bot. “The speculation is someone with some kind of technical know how got hold of her.”

Desert X is offering a one-thousand dollar reward for the return of ShyBot- no questions asked.


COACHELLA VALLEY, Calif. — The Desert X art exhibition has called the Coachella Valley its home for nearly a month. During that time, some installations have been vandalized or gone missing. However, that’s exactly what the creators expected.

The small robot called ShyBot is missing. ShyBot was designed to avoid people, plants and rocks and has since lost its data stream.

Creators said they always expected it to go missing, just not this soon.

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