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Start a Rawthentic 2022 with us!

Announcing the 2022 CODAME ART+TECH Festival with a Mantra of honest connection & interaction. We call it 『 RAWTHENTIC 』



Mantra of honest connection & interaction.

As facades fall away we have an opportunity to let shine the true colors of our inner flames. Our open call invites artists to present their purest sense of expression in any medium.

By building up each others’ vulnerable, natural desires we forge sustainable, RAWTHENTIC bonds. Create deep wells of understanding and possibility with a sensitive unmasking of experiences. Join us for a gnarly ride of unfiltered vibes!

Curated by Alissa Christine, CODAME is excited for your transparent exploration of physical and metaphysical realities. What inspiration can your deepest mysteries reveal?


Artists of all disciplines and artist levels are encouraged to apply.

Send us a proposal to be part of CODAME ART+TECH Festival 2022『 RAWTHENTIC 』

Submission Deadline: Tuesday, February, 8th, 2022


The CODAME ART+TECH Festival 2022 is a multidisciplinary group exhibition and year-long mantra of honest connection & interaction, codenamed this year RAWTHENTIC.

Held all year round with various events and locations. It will include online, physical experiences, workshops, art+tech hackathons, and performances. The artwork will be showcased in art galleries around the world, online in Optionally also available for sale on and as NFTs on


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It’s a fun and extremely rewarding experience as you learn new skills and pass your knowledge on to others. You’ll meet like-minded people, make friends and build a network of people from all backgrounds who share a common passion for ART+TECH.

Apply to be part of the magic! We’re looking for outstanding volunteers to support our ART+TECH initiatives.


Join our list of amazing Sponsors. Be recognized as an innovative and visionary organization, Contact us

Special thanks to @Twilio, our most recent CODAME supporter


Thank you for your support for ART ♥️ TECH

CODAME is a member of Intersection for the Arts a non profit 501(c)(3) organization.

All proceeds will be split with the participating artists. Donations are always welcome.

Contact us if interested to make an in-kind donation.

/// CODA

Credits Flyer background art courtesy Char Stiles

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