“Wish Fishing” by Pol Clarissou at 3D Web Fest

On 30 June 2017, experience the most innovative, experimental and game-based projects from top thought leaders, influencers and creators at the 3D Web Fest. Artists working with WebGL, WebAudio, Javascript, CSS, HTML5, Three.js, and VR will showcase their creations in a mind-blowing festival of bleeding-edge tech. Now in its third year, over 15 artists will explore the theme of “connection” in a film festival setting.

The third annual 3D Web Fest is a fundraiser benefiting non-profit CODAME ART+TECH whose mission is to embrace innovation through creativity, play, and collaboration between companies, artists and technologists, building immersive, engaging, out of the ordinary experiences.

Wish Fishing”” is one of those projects!

“Wish Fishing”

Wish Fishing is a browser-based divination experience: it lets you type a question and cast it in a starlit pool, and brings back an answer spelled out in a series symbolic unicode glyphs. Each glyphs has meanings suggested in a glossary that is also displayed on the page, but the final interpretation of the whole answer is left to the person who asked the question, by looking for connections between the glyphs and with the context of the question, much like tarot cards only give you tangential answers for you to draw meaning from.

When the question is cast onto the pool, you can catch glimpses of other questions that have been asked by other people who went there before. Once you ask your own question, it will join the others in the pool — like an ether of all the questions that float around in everyone’s mind, connecting us through our uncertainties.

Pol Clarissou

Pol Clarissou is a developer and artist who likes to experiment with games as a medium, and play with the tools and processes of digital arts. He is currently focusing on interactivity, procedural generation and finding visual aesthetics in unexpected places (texts, gizmos and data visualizations). He has released many shortform game-like experiences such as Orchids to Dusk or Even the Stars, as well as the commercial mobile title Vignettes, while also toying around with weird hardware, procedural graphics, tiny zines, or whatever grabs his fancy.

Don’t miss “Wish Fishing”” on the big screen. CODAME events are known to sell out so get your tickets early!

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