You Down with OOP?Every last PROPERTY!

(Yes, I am listening to Naughty by Nature while writing this.)

So this week we delved into Javascript and Object Oriented Programming. I know that Javascript is not a full OOP language like Java but it still does support inheritance and prototyping.

So what is prototyping you ask? It deals with objects and being able for those objects to use properties from their prototype. This is a very high level overview of inheritance. Such a basic concept but proves to be a very very strong and powerful one in being able to call a wide array (pun intended) of properties and also by condensing code and making it more efficient.

A quick overview on JavaScript. Wow, it is obvious of some of the flaws and inconsistencies how tracking down bugs can be challenging at times, but since it was written in, 10 days back in the 90’s it is pretty awesome and powerful. Being able to customize web code and add complexities that add functionality provides limitless power for developers.

Eloquent Javascript proves to be a great resource and I have created a repo on my GitHub to track my exercises.

This week I have been struggling, giving myself headaches, accomplishing and creating!All in all a good week and look forward to incorporating JavaScript in my website!

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