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T-Minus Five Days to Code 85

Hi all,

Thank you so very much for being the first supporters of Code 85. I’m psyched to be devoting my passion and energy towards empowering those who never imagined they’d learn to code.

As we approach the launch of Code 85, I wanted to give you early followers a sneak preview at what to expect. I myself will be focusing on developing a foundation of articles on Python programming. These articles will be shorter, to the point guides that are intended to get you results.

In addition to these articles, we’ll be publishing and maintaining a glossary of programming terms. As a self-taught learner, I always struggled with reading tutorials and not knowing terms that others assumed were common knowledge. We want this glossary to be grow and become extensive, but that only happens by getting feedback from our community and sharing the terminology that trips you up. So be sure to common on the glossary with terms you come across and we’ll add them as quickly as possible.

We’ve also begun to build a base of writers to expand into multiple languages and platforms. If you’re interested in sharing your knowledge and want to write plain language tutorials for non-developers, then reach out to us and we’ll get you set up.

There’s five days left and much to be done so I’ll keep this message short. Please spread the word and again thank you for your support.


Plain language programming tutorials for non-developers

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