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What is Code 85?

Plain language programming tutorials for non-developers

Mission Statement

Code 85 exists for the masses. Programming is not just for developers — anybody can be interested in, learn about, and benefit from programming. Whether you are a student or a professional, a child or have children, our content creators are here to help you learn to code.

We’re not here to be on the cutting edge of technology. Our goal is to provide easy-to-understand, accessible guides for anybody taking an interest in programming.

The 85 Brand

The 85 Brand represents learning and accessibility.

According to artificial intelligence research conducted by the University of Arizona, Brown University, UCLA, and Princeton, the optimal success rate for learning is 85%. This means that a failing result occurs the other 15% of the time. The “85% rule” appears to be a sweet spot for maximizing learning and growth.

The 85 Brand also represents an outreach goal. We strive to create content that is accessible for a wide audience. Embodied in style, content, and community, we want to empower as many people as possible to learn a new skill.

How Can You Help?

We’re here to share knowledge, but like they say — it takes a village. Remember that you’re part of a learning community.

  • Ask questions. If you’re confused, then somebody else is too.
  • Share your experiences. Learning is about applying knowledge, you are your own expert.
  • Give us feedback. We’re also learning; tell us what we can do to improve.
  • Join the team. It’s never too early to give back and start sharing your own knowledge.



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