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StrongLoop & Express

I understand this won’t clear my name, and that’s not the intention of this post. I want to put the facts out on the table because people are pretending they know them.

I have chatted on and off with the guys at StrongLoop about improvements to Node for quite a while, and they approached with the idea of “sponsoring” Express, aka compensation for…

Go packages

Similar to any other large communities it becomes increasingly hard to find quality packages for any given task, so this is simply a list of ones that I’ve needed and found to be useful for my projects.

Go’s standard library is pretty fantastic so this list is short for now, I’ll try and remember to update it as I Go!

Profiling Golang

Concise guide to profiling Go programs

There are plenty of guides for profiling Golang, just writing this here so I can find it again easily ☺

The runtime/pprof package offers lower level control over creating profiles, and the very cool net/http/pprof package registers HTTP end-points for profiling live applications, this is a…

Farewell Node.js

Leaving node.js land

I’ve been fighting with Node.js long enough in production now that I don’t enjoy working with it anymore unfortunately, so at least for now this my formal farewell! And more importantly I need maintainers!

Node does some things well, but ultimately it’s not the right tool for the type of software I’m interested in…

Stop Abusing JSPerf

The bottleneck probably lies elsewhere.

Whilst developing irc-message, I set out two core aims:

  • Be loosely compliant with…

adopting gulp.js

setting up with express, livereload, jade, sass, coffeescript

Note:: this article was written quite some time back now and since I’ve put

Enter, Update, Exit

An Introduction to D3.js, The Web’s Most Popular Visualization Toolkit

Over the past couple of years, D3, the groundbreaking JavaScript…

How API-First Development Boosts Productivity

Here at Lob, we are an API company. That means that not only are our external product offerings all APIs, but that all of the internal tools we build are also APIs. We believe that an API-first approach to development improves the quality of our code and empowers our developers to be more productive.

Diving Into Terminal

Take off the helmet and training wheels; let’s go.

Terminal has always been one of those things to which I have a love/fear relationship…

“why don’t more people know about/use Jade?” — an intro to Jade

most likely my favorite tool for working with front end development

The Future of Data Engineering

What would happen after SQL is no more.

I believe SQL would:

  • Exist in 5 years,

Exploring ES Harmony

Freshbooks-js, a brief overview

Since starting as a full-time JavaScript consultant, I’ve struggled to find a billing solution that worked well…

JavaScript 101 — again

Learning JavaScript for the fourth time

I suck at JavaScript. It’s my goddamn Achilles heel.

When a friend asked me to co-lead and co-create an Intro to JavaScript Workshop for Ladies Learning Code a couple years ago, I said yes even though I was terrified. But in her good natured way, she calmed my nerves and said “Don’t…

Git for Non-Programmers

Version control your life

Git is an amazing tool for collaboration and version control, but its merits are largely unknown to the general…

Obama’s ASCII Art Easter Egg

If only they had spent this much time on

Customizing ActionView

How to prevent gross typos once and for all

The ActionView module is an awesome part of the Rails framework. It exists to handle template…

Deploying angular-seed to Heroku

My AngularJS landing page

AngularJS is a cool framework for enhancing HTML code enabling you to easily build dynamics apps. Some of…

Reading and using common code between two separate Programs.

My understanding so far.

This is my first write up so I ask you not to be to harsh if it sucks.

Upstream and downstream

Technologically speaking

Lots of technologies talk about “upstream” and “downstream.” For instance, git people talk about the upstream, while other technologies and tools do too.

But I say: what the hell does that mean? What is the UPSTREAM and what is the DOWNSTREAM? I always have a hard time with it. In fact, I have such a…

Being Wired In

8 hours of work, nothing done: my journey into interruptions, getting wired in, and being able to write more than a couple of lines of code a day.

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