“Code, Applied to Life”

(formerly, Ruby Everyday)

What is this publication about? I created this collection because I want to inspire people to get excited about code. I want to show how a small piece of code (or shell script) can make your life easier.

Formerly, this publication is called Ruby Everyday, but I think the scope is too narrow; it doesn’t have to be Ruby. In real life, I used many languages to solve everyday life problems.

This publication is looking for writers. Let’s tell the world how you use code to solve everyday problems. If you’re interested, please leave a note or contact @dtinth.

Story Styles

We usually write small stories with only few lines of code. For example, to set up a reminder or a timer, to quickly convert text from one format to another, or to simply solve some riddle.

But occasionally, there will be some more lengthy stories that solves more complex tasks, such as batch-changing Facebook album descriptions and sending automated invite emails.

With code, we can automate boring parts of our life.

Stories about how coding can be applied to solve everyday life problems. (Formerly Ruby Everyday).

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Thai Pangsakulyanont

Thai Pangsakulyanont

(@dtinth) A software engineer and frontend enthusiast. A Christian. A JavaScript musician. A Ruby and Vim lover.

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