Please Remind Me Every 15 Minutes!

Quick and Dirty in irb.

At where I stay during my internship, I have a TV in my room.

So instead of buying a pair of stereo speakers, I bought a stereo–composite audio adapter, and plugged my MacBook into the TV.

However, the TV sounds terrible. Fortunately, you can build your own system-wide equalizer on Mac OS X, using Soundflower and AU Lab, both for free. It now sounds awesome.

But there’s still a problem.

I only plugged in the audio cable, so there’s no video. Therefore, the TV thinks that it is not in use and shuts itself down after 15 minutes, and I have to turn it back on every time.

This can be prevented by pressing a button on the remote. That resets the timer, so I have to press the button every 15 minutes.

But I usually forget and suddenly the sound stopped. How annoying.

With Ruby with me, I just fired up irb and…

Problem solved!

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