The Social Media Algorithms

The Algorithm is at the core of Facebook, Twitter and now Instagram.

When you look down your feeds, you don’t see every singe post from people and pages that you are connected to. If we base this article on Facebook’s algorithm, Facebook will show you what it thinks you will be interested in so that you are not bombarded with a uninteresting content every time you scroll down your feed.

Facebook uses many different factors to decide what it should place in your feed. It first looks at what pages you have liked, and who your friends with, from all these accounts most recent posts it will look for content that is being well received by others (it is getting lots of likes, comments and shares, if its a video it will look at how much of the video is being watched). Facebook will then match your any interests that you have expressed with ur actions previously to those posts that are along the same lines. Facebook will match you against others that have the same interests, if they like certain things, Facebook will hope that you to will like them.

In basic terms, Facebook is only looking to show people engaging content that has been well received by the previous set of people it showed.

When a post is first posted Facebook will aim to show 3–8% of people connected with the person or page, depending on the engagement it receives and the type of post, Facebook will then show the post to a higher percentage and the process will repeat it’s self until people stop engaging with the content.

What does this mean for your Small Business ?

Its common knowledge that Small Businesses and Start Ups don’t usually have money to throw around. Using the Facebook Algorithm to out smart your competitors is the closest thing to free advertising.

You need to only post content to Facebook that will really engage people to like and share so that the content spreads Organically (spreads across Facebook with out being paid for)

The other important thing to remember is that inviting all your friends to like your Facebook page is a bad idea if they have no interest in your business or don’t always like and share your content. If Facebook is always showing these people your content and they are not engaging with it because they have no interest then Facebook will not show others your content as it believes it to be ‘bad content’.

Next week I’ll be talking about The Top 10 Ways to Hack the Facebook Algorithm over on the Code Box Media Blog. (This will be some really actionable advice to use in your marketing strategy.)

The Social Media Algorithms are very very confusing, but when used to your advantage, the best thing about Social Media for Small Businesses.

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