Code Chrysalis x Rakuten RapidAPI: Hands-on Dev Experience with Japan’s Newest API Marketplace

At Rakuten headquarters!

Recently, Code Chrysalis’ students visited Rakuten headquarters to present apps created using Rakuten RapidAPI to the platform’s team, and provide feedback on what can be improved. The students spent two days during their seventh week in the 12-week immersive course working in groups to create two functional demo applications using Rakuten RapidAPI.

The first group created a modular dashboard, Ohayou Daily, that provided everything from tech news to weather and even love forecasts. The second group came up with Space Explorer, an app for kids interested in the universe that details relevant events nearby as well as fun real time information on satellites, stars, planets, and everything else space-related!

This marks one of their last projects before their graduation projects for Demo Day. At graduation, one group of students will present Habbit, a mobile app created with React Native and Firebase that promotes the development of helpful habits by rewarding the user with points. The other will introduce Zenni — a mobile app inspired by one student’s experience as a volunteer after the 3/11 earthquake — that allows users to share real time location, annotations, and other useful information on a shared map.

Given the great projects they came up with (in only two days!) during their time with Rakuten RapidAPI, their final projects are sure to be fantastic.

Read the next installment for more details on Ohayou Daily and Space Explorer, as well as students’ experiences during their time at Rakuten.

Code Chrysalis’ fifth Demo Day will be on September 27, 2018, from 7:30pm~9:30pm. Come take a look at the students’ graduation projects, and make new connections with the Tokyo tech scene.

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