MiniConf #3 with IDEO — Meet the Speakers!

We’re excited to announce our next MiniConf, a series of 15 minute lighting talks that explore various topics in tech. This month, IDEO has been kind enough to host us at their beautiful office in Kitaaoyama.

If you are interested in attending please RSVP here:

This MiniConf will feature talks on a wide array of topics, from Quantum Computing to Machine Learning. Our speakers come from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds, offering unique insights into their respective fields.

Let’s meet the Speakers!

Tsubasa Kondo, Engineer @Givery

Tsubasa is a recent graduate of Code Chrysalis. A Tokyo native and ultra-marathoner in his spare time, Tsubasa has experience as a CRE (Customer Reliability Engineer) for a product called Track. He is very interested in Mesh Networking, Blockchain, Low-power, long-distance IoT and Pentesting.

Tsubasa will be giving a ‘How to’ on Comprehensive unit testing. In the words of Tsubasa himself, “Testing. If you’re not doing it, you need to listen to this talk for the sake of your engineering career.”

Louis Tessler, Researcher @RIKEN

Louis spent the last 4 years working on quantum computing and quantum information related projects. He is a graduate of NYU with a degree in Math & Physics and his interests include Chaos and Dynamic Systems, computational physics, and video games.


Louis will be giving a talk on Quantum Computer Basics in which he will cover how to read quantum circuit diagrams and rationalize basic quantum algorithms.

Maurizio Raffone, Founder & CEO @Finetiq

Maurizio runs FinTech, a consulting business based in Tokyo. His work revolves around supporting technology companies in their business plan and strategy development and implementation for the financial Japanese market.


Maurizio will be giving a talk called Applications of Blockchain in Finance. Blockchain is one of the biggest tech developments in the last few years. Maurizio will talk about how its applications in finance can open up financial access and provide wide scale financial inclusion.

Maik Buchmeyer, CTO @Air en Japan

With a background in roles covering API Architecture, Development across the stack and Mobile Apps, Maik applies his experience to bridge technology and business as the engineering lead of AIR, an innovation arm of en-japan inc.


Maik will be giving a talk called Lessons Learned from Using Firebase in Production, which will cover his team’s experience building a video interview service ( on top of the Firebase platform. Topics will include introduction of the service, its architecture, and lessons learned through successes and failures.

Tutti Quintella, Engineer @Mercari

Tutti hails from Sao Paolo, Brazil and has worked as a software engineer at Samsung and most recently, Quipper. She joined Mercari in October. She holds a degree in Computer Engineering and is a director at Women Who Code Tokyo chapter, actively helping women to excel in tech careers.

We’ve all seen and maybe even created these-components or classes that are large and cumbersome in our codebase. Tutti will be explaining fat components- why they’re bad and what you can do to unclutter your component code.

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