Dhinawan in the Sky — Moonhack 2021

Code your own Dhinawan in the stars and see what the stars are doing here on Country!

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Apr 13 · 2 min read

By Tess Reading

Aboriginal people are the world’s oldest Astronomers. The Gomeroi people use the night sky to see what is happening on country and each seasons changes.

The Dhinawan is just one of the stories that is known to the Gomeroi people, however this story is also shared across many language groups. The stars are a central way to trace stories and time.

The Dhinawan in the Sky animation for Moonhack 2021

In our Dhinawan in the Sky game, you will learn and code each of the different phases that the Dhinawan goes through between April and September. You’ll animate the stars and the Emu’s nest to see the connection between the stars and what is happening with the Dhinawan on country.

The cycle of celestial and animal movements is heavily tied into Gomeroi Lore. Lore dictates all aspects of life, establishing rights and responsibilities to others, the land, and natural resources.

This video with Ben Slick tells the story of the Dhinawan in the Sky and its importance.

If you look up into the night sky during March through to September, you can still spot the Dhinawan in the Sky. You’ve almost certainly been looking at it all your life, but you’ve probably never noticed it.

Have a look at this image and see if you can find the Dhinawan.

Photo by Michael on Unsplash

If you ever stop in Tamworth NSW, stop in and hear some of the stories from Uncle Len Waters.

If you’re looking for further educational resources on Australia’s first astronomers, head to Aboriginal Astronomy

And don’t miss the other coding lessons that are part of Moonhack 2021 at moonhack.com

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