Do Ewe Even Code? — Agriculture Lessons!

Did you know that there are over 70 million sheep in Australia? Do you know how many people there are — only 25 million!

That means there are three sheep for every person! Imagine everyone in your class or Code Club with three sheep following them!

Sheep farmers lead very busy lives looking after their sheep. They breed and raise the animals, provide feed for them, look after their paddocks and more!

Some sheep farms also have goats! Did you know that goat is the most popular meat in the world! Have you ever eaten goat?

On the farm in our game the sheep is being rounded up after a day out in the paddock by our awesome sheep dog. Most sheep dogs are kelpies. They’re great at herding sheep (sometimes called mustering or droving) and they don’t need much training.

Lots of farmers use technology on their farm to make herding sheep easier. Some farmers use cameras on drones to track their animals and check that they’re healthy.

We talk more about drone and how farmers use technology in our talk with National Farmers’ Federation President Fiona Simson, which you can find here.

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