Make it Rain — Agriculture Lessons!

Water is the most valuable resource that we have. And as Australian’s we live on a continent where there’s not much of it.

Australian’s are the highest consumers of water, despite living on the driest continent! Each of us uses 100,000 litres of water a year, not including the water that is used to grow our food products.

On the farm in our game, they’re just coming out of a drought. That means that it hasn’t rained in a long time!

‘Australia is the driest populated continent on earth, and yet Australians are the greatest per capita consumers of water in the world’

There’s lots of ways that you can reduce the water consumption that you use. Try taking shorter showers or baths.

Did you know that 34% of a household’s water use is from the shower!

Chat with your parents about getting water efficient taps and hardware. And look at the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards on all your appliances.

Maybe you could even set up your own water tank like in our game!

You could also plant some native plants in your garden. Native plants are much better suited to the Australian landscape. They can often better survive the harsh heat or floods. Plants like the banksia don’t need much water to grow, and they attract birds and bees to our gardens.

Plants like these Elkhorns and Staghorns get their water straight from the air because they don’t have roots!

Learn more about water in Australia here

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