Moonhack 2018 data breakdown!

Code Club Australia
Aug 2, 2018 · 3 min read

Moonhack isn’t just about breaking records (although we do love when that happens), it’s about bring coding to kids all over the world, and building a global community of creative kid coders!

And these statistics tell us everything about the diverse range of kids that took part in our record breaking event from across the globe. Find who, where and how kids participated in Moonhack around the world below!

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Sydney, Australia

This year we had 35,865 kids submit Moonhack projects, breaking our own record for the most kids coding on one day!

55 percent of all Moonhackers this year were GIRLS! Such an amazing achievement for young girls everywhere!

We had kids from all corners of the world participate! Not only in Australia and other English-speaking countries but also in Croatia, Lebanon, Kenya, Afghanistan, Suriname, Brunei and many more! Check out our awesome map below to see Moonhack landing all over the world! 57 countries to be exact.

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Some more FUN facts:

  • Over 16,000 record breakers were from a country other than Australia!
  • The largest age group of record breakers were 9–11 year olds, making up 60 percent this year!
  • 65 percent of international participants (not including Australia) were girls!
  • Code Club kids made up 30 percent of all record breakers, 6 percent from our friends at CoderDojo, and 2 percent from Raspberry Jam! Well done!
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Now to Australia!

The highest number of participants came from Aussies, who accounted for 59% of all kids Moonhacking!

30 percent of the registered postcodes were from regional Australia! We have record breakers in Alice Springs, Exmouth, and Rockhampton, proving that coding is for anyone, anywhere!

Australian girls rocked Moonhack again as 57 percent of all 2018 Moonhack record breakers were girls!

Check out the official Moonhack 2018 Scratch Studio, and check out some of our favourite ones from this year!

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Space Jam Homepage

Space Catcher

Space Jump

Moon Catcher

We’d like to thank Scratch and Telstra for partnering with us on our Moonhack adventure, and Tank Stream Labs for being our Moonhack Mission Control!

We’re already so excited for next year’s Moonhack, and can’t wait to break the record again!

Moonhack Mission Control, over and out!

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