Offline Coding

In an ideal world, we’d all have internet access. But in this vast continent it’s not always possible. We’ve put together some tips, ideas and advice to help kids keep coding when they’re not online!

Coding Unplugged

No internet, no device, no problem!

We’ve got two blog posts all about coding unplugged. Here’s the first, and here’s the second.

This is great for teachers to assign for at home learning.

Get creative with Binary Beading, how about a Rube Goldberg machine, or some cooking to get those logic skills working. Not every computational skill needs a computer!

Coding Offline

This category is for kids who have a device, but limited internet. (When we say device we mean a tablet or laptop, but not a phone)

Three of our coding languages involve software that can be downloaded and used offline — Scratch, Sonic Pi and Blender. All are free, downloadable and have at least 6 free projects to learn from!

Download Scratch offline and some of our pdf projects and you’re good to go! Scratch isn’t a huge download size, about 112mB.

The browser-based version of Scratch works offline too, but you will lose some interactivity (the libraries of sounds, costumes, backgrounds are all stored online). But kids will love using the recorder or their own pictures instead.

Did you know that the most popular Scratch feature is the recording function!

Remember that kids will not be able to log into their account from the downloaded version of Scratch. Their projects will be saved on the computer, and then they can upload them onto their online account later.

If your internet is zero at home, some of our clubs at School of the Air, have sent their students a USB with the Scratch file and some projects. (Please get in touch if you need some help with this! )

Blender is a free 3D design software, completely offline once downloaded. We’ve got 8 projects in Blender, and you can work through them chronologically to build a 3D snow scene, rocket and more!

Blender is a great one for kids who are creatively minded, and maybe less interested in typing.

Sonic Pi
Music and coding? Yep!

Sonic Pi combines coding and music to create live DJ sessions, home-created tunes, and more! The legend that is Sam Aaron created Sonic Pi, it’s free, downloadable and we’ve got 6 projects to help you get started!

Hours of fun with this one! Perfect for cross-curriculum coding and music lessons, or just a rave in your living room! Don’t miss Sam’s live coding videos too — they’re mind-blowing!

Good luck. Let us know what else you can do offline!

Stay safe, wash your hands, keep coding!
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