Our Top 5 Hour of Code Projects

It’s that time of year again! The school year is winding up, and we’re all thinking the same thing: “Let’s squeeze a little bit more coding into 2018.”

Okay, maybe that’s just us. At Code Club, we’re always thinking about coding, but with Hour of Code right around the corner as part of Computer Science Education Week, there’s no time like the present to #getkidscoding. Whether you’re using Hour of Code to introduce coding to students for the first time, or as the culmination of a year of hard coding work, it’s a great opportunity to learn a bit more about coding! If you’re a teacher, a librarian, a volunteer, or a parent, you can run an Hour of Code event!

Computer Science Education Week runs from December 3–9, and these are the official dates for Hour of Code. If you can’t meet that week, though, you can still get involved! Code Club projects are always available.

(Make sure to check out our Hour of Code page and get a certificate for your kids!)

Here are 5 of our favourite projects for Hour of Code inspiration:

Boat Race

Create a game in Scratch to navigate a boat through a tricky maze.

Binary Hero

Make a game in Scratch in which you play the notes of a song as they scroll down the stage.

Turtle Race

Use loops in python to draw a race track and create a racing turtle game.

Live DJ

Learn how to code a live music performance in Sonic Pi, that you can add to and edit without having to stop the music!


Create a 2-player game on the BBC micro:bit to see who has the fastest reactions.

To find out more, and register for a Code Club Hour of Code Completion Certificate template, visit our website.