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My First Week

Nick Fawbert, our new Systems Administrator, talks about his first week with Code Enigma

Red neon sign saying “all you need is coffee”

My first week working at Code Enigma flew by! I spent most of the time assuring my new colleagues that I will get to grips with the new technologies, processes and systems (whilst desperately trying to convince myself of the same).

I came from what I call a “traditional hosting” background, into Code Enigma, which can be considered a progressive approach. There’s a lot to learn. My concerns were constantly addressed by my new colleagues who told me to take my time and reassured me that they understood how I was feeling and that they’re here to support me (which they were and continue to be).

Having worked remotely for the best part of a decade, I am accustomed to such a setup, but was unprepared for how ‘un-remote-like’ it would feel. Lots of companies like to go on about family feel and their excellent company culture, but invariably find such claims are either exaggerated bluster or ego-boosters for upper management.

Having started work just prior to the Coronavirus lockdown in the UK, I feel incredibly lucky that not only am I able to continue to work but socialise with great people daily, breaking the monotony of isolated-living.

My week consisted of lots of Hangouts. I got to meet many of the staff ‘face-to-face’. I had lots of time to acclimatise myself with the way things are done at CE, without the pressure many others apply to new staff in the false belief they’ll become productive, quicker. Any questions I had — people were more than happy to help. I never had that feeling that I was bothering someone or interrupting their workflow.

Being a single parent during this unprecedented global event where we are stuck inside with no school, some would be anxious about how they would cope in a new job whilst looking after their child. Not here. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is an important ethos at Code Enigma. It’s an accepted reality that we have families. My first scrum went unabated despite some additional (smaller, younger) attendees!

The weekend after my first week at CE was filled with confusion. Can I really climb this personal mountain and become as productive as I need to be at work? Do I have what it takes? It was terrifying. Sleep that weekend was far from sound! Monday’s team scrum arrived and, thankfully, I was reassured that such feelings were normal. My confidence and abilities have gone from strength to strength since; all thanks to my awesome new colleagues/friends (‘frolleagues’ if you like!).

Traditional hosting is dead! Long live Progressive hosting, family culture, and Code Enigma!

If your business needs help transitioning into working from home, we’re here to help. Contact us.




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