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When you need a little hand holding

Having a good internal team solely focused at maintaining your website or intranet to the best possible standard is becoming incredibly difficult when the best talent gets snapped up quickly; so it’s common for companies to outsource support to specialist agencies.

This is a smart choice to help your business carry on doing what it does best, by allowing us to do the same.

Of course, each situation is unique and you should consider outsourcing versus building your own team.

Let’s look at the benefits

What everyone wants to hear… Cost reduction

Reducing your staff and equipment costs is the most obvious and immediate benefit; realising the cost of a company doing this for you being cheaper than hiring an entire team and training them on an ongoing basis (and they’ll probably want Macs). Removing this from your outgoings in favour of a fixed monthly fee suddenly doesn’t seem so daunting, and gives your operational costs ongoing clarity.

Increases Productivity

Without a dedicated team, the task falls to someone who has no business doing it. It saves the cost of hiring, but has it’s own detriment. It’s ill-advised to allow someone without expertise loose on your website; not only for fear of making harmful mistakes, but also at the cost of productivity in their own role. The kicker being that you’ll then spend even more time and money resolving the issues that arise.

We’re talking about supporting your website; the effects could be felt company-wide. If a problem occurs that the untrained person can’t handle, let’s say on your intranet for example; it could directly impact the entire staff workflow.

Always there
Are you able to maintain your site around the clock? That would mean more staff, more hiring and more training, for limited potential need; for example resetting a server in the middle of the night or updating urgent content. Support services guarantee help and expert advice, on tap.

A web agency can easily scale up or down depending on your needs because we have access to vast resources, quickly.

Agencies have the very best of everything

You must be up-to-date with industry standards on a whole array of things; data storage and security, technology, design… All of which is time consuming and risky for those who aren’t au fait. Outsourcing solves this. We have the best talent and technology at our disposal. It’s our job to, so you don’t have to.

Keep up with changes

As much as technology changes, so do your customers and markets. Your website needs to stay fresh and relevant because clients are ever-evolving and you want to captivate your audience. What your clients are looking for and needing from your company will also change over time. You’re expected to keep up, so your website must be dynamic and flexible and that’s where a good design and development team come into their own.

Focus on yourself
When you remove the worry of looking after your website, it allows you to focus on what you need to do in order to grow your business. A good web agency should help you reach your goals.

What can we do for you?

This blog is pretty high level and may not be specific to the type of support you might be looking for, that’s because we offer more than traditional maintenance services. There’s a support package for every service we have. Of course, we do 24/7 online ticketing and can reset your server, standard stuff, but there’s more. We provide the right level of support, at any level within your business, adding value where it’s needed.

We have a blend of Linux systems administrators and hands-on developers, ideally suited to supporting development teams with good DevOps. We have a range of automated tools to streamline your software management.

If you need a designer’s touch, a site audit, you’re having performance problems (it can happen to anyone), you need help figuring something out in your CMS or your developers want a second opinion; we’re here.

We’re flexible; we create a solution that fits, charged in a straightforward monthly fee.

Talk to us




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