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Civic Tech As A Process — A Framework For Uniting Civic Tech Organisations

If civic tech is not an app, a website, data portals, a map, data journalism, online procurement, or online voting — what is it?

Grace O'Hara
Apr 9, 2019 · 2 min read

Civic Tech = People + Tech + Impact

Civic tech is the intersection of these three things that brings together positive social change. Civic tech isn’t an object or genre of objects, but a process or way of working.

If we were to try and map out what those things were, how we might talk about them consistently, or how they might be measured across organisations and projects, what would it look like?

A group of us at Code for All have been putting our heads together to try and figure this out. We’ve made a start, but it’s nowhere near complete — for that, we need your help.

If you’re a civic tech practitioner, researcher, investor, or enthusiast, please add your thoughts and feedback into the working document. Or reach out to Grace via the Code for All Slack (@grace) or email the team here.

The vision for this document is to allow ourselves to move forward from the conversation of defining civic tech and instead progress conversations on measuring the impact of our work, across the world. For example, at Code For Australia, we’re using this document to codify some of the ways we’re working across projects and teams, during kickoffs, at checkpoints, and in retrospectives.

We’d love to know if this aligns with your reality of civic tech, and how it might apply to your ways of working.

The working document can be accessed above, or by clicking here.

A huge thank you to the people that have provided insight and worked on this so far: Lina Patel, Alvaro Maz, Lia Milito, Christopher Whitaker, Khairil Yusof, Sheba Najmi, Micah Sifry, Krzysztof Madejski and Kelly Halseth.

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