Code for All Dispatch — April 2019 Edition

Our monthly newsletter is one of the ways we keep up with each other and share resources, funding opportunities and challenges. Now, we’re opening it up to our wider community.

Grace O'Hara
Apr 2 · 6 min read
Two new Fellowship teams kick off in Sydney, with Code for Australia

👋 Hello there,

Welcome to your April update from Code for All. There’s quite a few international collaborations under way at the moment which have been exciting to watch grow! We’ve also been doing some thinking about what’s to come as we move into the last quarter of our current grant.

A quick note about this newsletter: Most of our member newsletter is dedicated to facilitating sharing and growth within the network, and so some links and content will be modified here, in the community version. In the spirit of openness, we’ve tried to leave as much as possible to show how we work.

You’ll see [members only] to indicate where a link or document has been removed that is restricted to members only.

⏰ Sixty Minute Sprint

Where you’ll find the stuff that’s most pressing for the network, which won’t ever be more than an hour of your time, total.

  • We’re organising our next Board Call for the end of April. Reps — please make sure someone from your organisation is able to attend and let us know their availability here [members only]
  • Grace created an onboarding Trello Board to help new community members understand different roles and expectations in the community. She’d love to hear your thoughts on what questions are left unanswered. [members only]

✋ Hands up for help. If you want to put in some more time for Code for All this is where we’re most needing help. This month, we’re looking for someone who might be able to give us feedback on facilitating the upcoming board call. The calls are short and sweet with many participants, we’d love to know how to make these efficient and valuable.

👪 Code for All Updates

  • We accepted three new affiliates: K-Monitor from Hungary, Fundación Ciudadanía Inteligente from Chile and Code for France.
  • On 15th March ePanstwo, Codeando Mexico and SlashRoots sent a proposal to NED “Towards a CfAll Digital Citizen Engagement Focus Area”. Funding decision will be made mid-June.
  • We’ve made our newsletter open to the wider community, omitting the sensitive bits that are for members eyes only. If you want to share it with the wider community, get them to sign up here, or check them out on the blog.
  • We also finalised our Year in Review… in March! Better late than never.
  • We updated our resource list to include Code for Australia’s amazing team onboarding documents: for Government Partners, for their Team, and an Ambassador Guidebook (culture stuff for Fellows).
  • As part of a Code for All Exchange, g0v and the Taiwanese government vTaiwan team visited Code for Japan and their partner Pnika to train Japanese officials in engaging citizens in policy-making.

📰 Member Updates

  • g0v 🇹🇼 recently held their bi-monthly hackthon on March 9th. In which, the 5 winning projects of 2019 g0v Civic Tech Prototype Granthad their kick-off presentation in public for the first time.
  • Code for Australia 🇦🇺 recently kicked off two new Fellowships. One of which is working with their idol, Pia Andrews, within the New South Wales Policy Lab. Work is also underway to onboard new Tech for Non Tech partners — Open Up and Code for Japan. Also we won three awards for our open source local government platform, GovCore!
  • Slashroots 🇯🇲 is preparing for the Developing The Caribbean Conference and Code Sprint (DevCa), have recently concluded the last in a series of six Meet Ups funded by the World Bank in Jamaica and St Lucia, and have finished Phase 1 of our participatory budgeting pilotin one of 63 political constituencies in Jamaica.
  • Code for Canada’s 🇨🇦 in-flight fellows have past the halfway point of their fellowship! You can read about how they’re building services for drone pilots, bringing a tech and data lens to road safety, and modernizing how Canada’s federal government does hiring. The C4C team has also been sharing stories of intentional collaborations between local governments and civic hackers: check them out here.
  • Open Knowledge Belgium 🇧🇪 has started work on an open-source experiment in which they attempt to manage invoices, expenses, budgets and financial analysis in a transparent manner. Also, HackYourFuture Belgium’s 4th class just started, and the second class is making huge strides on the BeMentor project, an open source mentoring platform to get and keep women in technology.
  • ePanstwo 🇵🇱 became one of the founding members of the Consul Foundation, which is the entity to lead and govern development of the Consul Project. ePanstwo also rolled-out premium services to its open corporate registry service, with 40 recurring users and $1000 income. The service has 600k unique users monthly so there is a lot of potential there.
  • Code for Pakistan 🇵🇰 and KP IT Board signed the MoU for the 5th cycle of the KP Government Innovation Fellowship Program, 2 of the team attended TICTeC in Paris, and Open Asterisk is undergoing testing at the moment, and is planned for public launch sometime in April 2019. CfP is actively engaged with the ICT Administration for supplying data for the initial launch.

Reps — please hit reply and tell us about what’s happening in your organisation or jump in and add it to the next edition here [members only].

🚒 Member Challenges + Offers

In the spirit of peer learning and shared growth, here’s where you can post a challenge you’re facing (🔥) or offer of help (🧯) to others.

  • 🧯 Code for Canada — registration for the OGP Summit in Canada (May 29–31) is now open. Code for Canada will be running a satellite event alongside the Summit — please let Gabe if you’ll be attending, so he can invite you!
  • 🧯Code for All is again offering to help organisations share the story of their work and impact with blogging assistance. We have a couple of writers on call to work on stories.

To respond to any of the offers or challenges above, get in touch with the representative for the organisation [members only] to find out more.

Or, add any challenges or offers you want to share to the next edition here [members only].

👓 Emerging Themes

This is where we identify common themes we’re seeing in the network.

  • We haven’t spotted much else in the community outside of the Consul Project and Tech for Non Tech.
  • If you’re interested in working on a collective challenge or theme, ping Grace to let her know.

🔭 Funding Opportunities

This is where we share opportunities we’ve stumbled upon lately.

  • In Money Trail, offers working grants for (teams of) African, Asian and European journalists to investigate cross-border illicit financial flows, tax abuse and corruption in Africa, Asia and EU.
  • The Shuttleworth Foundation are taking on a new round of social change Fellows.
  • Mozilla are also taking on a new cohort of Fellows addressing emerging threats and challenges for a healthy internet.
  • The next round of the Internet Freedom Fund closes May 1st.

🐰 That’s all folks!

If you’re hungry for more, here’s how you can find out what Code for All is working on and get involved.

  • If you want to see what Code for All are working on, head over to Trello for our working notes or drop an idea for us here [members only].
  • Our weekly planning calls and monthly retros are open for any to dial into to observe and provide feedback. Click here to see what’s coming up for the month and add yourself to the invite. [members only]
  • Or read through and leave feedback on our latest ExCo minutes from 25th Feb and 25th March [members only]. The current ExCo members are Codeando México, Code for NL and Slashroots.

To get in touch with Code for All and tell us what you’ve been working on, hit reply to this email, find us on Slack (@kaymadejski and @grace).

Lastly — if there’s someone from who’s not getting these updates, but should be, you can subscribe them here.

Until next month — keep up the good work!

Team Code for All
(Krzysztof, Lailah & Grace)

Again, if you want these to land in your inbox directly, you can subscribe here. Dispatches are usually dispatched on the first Tuesday of the month.

If you have any suggestions or opportunities to share, my inbox is always openor you can find me on Slack (@grace) anytime.

Code for All

Code for All is the largest civic tech network in the world, amplifying the impact of good ideas through a global network of local organisations.

Grace O'Hara

Written by

Storyteller at Code for Australia & Small Fires. Trying to figure this world out in between, sometimes with words, mostly with action.

Code for All

Code for All is the largest civic tech network in the world, amplifying the impact of good ideas through a global network of local organisations.

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