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Grace O'Hara
Jul 2 · 6 min read
Last year Code for America started an with three apprentices: Gwen, Anule and Symonne

👋 Hello friend,

Welcome to your July update from Code for All. There’s many things happening around the network as we get into the meaty part of the year. Here are the things you need to know and some opportunities for you to get involved in making civic tech stronger around the world!

A quick note about this newsletter: Most of our member newsletter is dedicated to facilitating sharing and growth within the network, and so some links and content will be modified here, in the community version. In the spirit of openness, we’ve tried to leave as much as possible to show how we work.

You’ll see [members only] to indicate where a link or document has been removed that is restricted to members only.

⏰ Sixty Minute Sprint

Where you’ll find the stuff that’s most pressing for the network, which won’t ever be more than an hour of your time, total.

  • Our peer learning sessions are continuing along slowly, with a few more sessions on the way. Tell us [10 mins]
  • If you missed in, read through our summary report on Q1 for NED [members only] and our update from the April Board meeting [members only]. Keep an eye out for the next board meeting coming up soon [15 mins]
  • Ryan Koch is looking for stories to share on the podcast . If you’re interested contact him on Slack [5 mins]
  • NDI invited us to RightsCon 2019 to explore possible partnerships, which was a great opportunity to have face-to-face discussions on a number of important things. Read a summary of all the activities here [members only] and read on below for the main outcomes [10 mins]

✋ Hands up for help. If you want to put in some more time for Code for All this is where we’re most needing help. This month, we’re looking for people to help organise some of the peer learning sessions we’re hoping to run. Get in touch with Grace.

👪 Code for All Updates

  • We are evaluating four candidates that applied to take over coordinator role from Krzysztof. We will have a decision this week.
  • Several recent affiliates went through the onboarding process. Let’s welcome them warmly!
  • Orsi Barsi is a representative of K-Monitor, a pro-democratic, pro-transparency organization focusing on . They recently started to grow Code for Hungary volunteer network.
  • Blerta Thaçi represents Open Data Kosovo. Open Data Kosovo (ODK) was founded in 2014 with a mission to make Kosovan government digital and to create job opportunities for unemployed youth. Since then they have been working intensively on bringing government into new digital areas, solving social issues and building the capabilities of Kosovan youth. .
  • Colombina Shaeffer represents Ciudadanía Inteligente, a South America based organization, with offices in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and Santiago (Chile), a team of up to 20 highly educated young Latin American professionals, mostly women, working in up to 17 countries in Latin America. Its mission is to strengthen democracy, promoting transparency and citizen participation through the innovative use of information technologies.
  • Jen Bramley, Partnerships Manager, will be the new representative of MySociety.

📰 Member Updates

  • Open Data Kosovo 🇽🇰 recently from their Tech4Policy project, which involved training 250 young women with ICT skills training and empowering them to come up with 4 digital solutions for the benefit of Kosovan society. They also met with and are working on a platform for open ICT Education for Youth Employability — .
  • Open Knowledge Belgium 🇧🇪 is running , a one-month event of open innovation, in which Belgian students create for actual organisations, with the guidance of expert coaches. They’re planning to go international in 2020 and to make it *very* easy for organisations to . If you like the project, would like to experience it first hand or come talk to us or the students, stop by in July or .
  • Code for Pakistan 🇵🇰 completed the recruitment process for the 5th cycle of the . 20 new Fellows will be working alongside different departments to: digitize the process of registering firms, build an Open Data Portal, create an AR-based indoor hospital navigation tool for patients and visitors, and live stream daily proceedings by parliamentarians, enable the public to provide feedback on petitions being discussed, and map public toilets, making them more accessible. Also, Hamid Akhtar has taken over the role of President from Asim Ghaffar.
  • Sinar Project 🇲🇾 Kharil represented Malaysian civic tech and open data at OGP Canada as one of the facilitators for As freedoms come under threat in Myanmar, various civic tech groups are trying to promote the importance of collecting, sharing and .
  • Code for Australia 🇦🇺 is starting new projects using a framework that came out of Harvard Kennedy School. They’re also reflecting on ways to make the and just received funding for their new community series of events — .
  • Code for Japan 🇯🇵recently ran Meet&Hack in Okinawa along with folks from g0v and Korean civic tech groups ().
  • Code for Africa 🌍 has been recognised for their Wanadata project through awards from and the in Nigeria.
  • Code for Canada 🇨🇦 is busy preparing for the .
  • Code for Romania 🇷🇴 have just run their .
  • Ciudadanía Inteligente 🌎 is organising , a regional summit taking place in México to create a critical reflection space on the current challenges faced by democracy, technology, and our climate and environment. More than 100 activists will gather, from all over Latin America, to create an agenda to claim and stand for social rights, to save our climate and environment, and to demand policies that guarantee everyone’s integrity and dignity.

Reps — please hit reply and tell us about what’s happening in your organisation or jump in and add it to the next edition here [members only].

🔭 Funding Opportunities

This is where we share opportunities we’ve stumbled upon lately.

🐰 That’s all folks!

If you’re hungry for more, here’s how you can find out what Code for All is working on and get involved.

  • If you want to see what Code for All are working on, head over to Trello for our working notes [members only] or drop an idea for us here [members only].
  • Our weekly planning calls and monthly retros are open for any to dial into to observe and provide feedback. Click here to see what’s coming up [members only] for the month and add yourself to the invite.
  • Or read through and leave feedback on our latest ExCo minutes from 4th June [members only] and 18th June [members only]. The current ExCo members are g0v, Codeando México and Slashroots.

To get in touch with Code for All and tell us what *|MMERGE6|* has been up to, hit reply to this email, find us on Slack (@kaymadejski and @grace).

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Until next month — keep up the good work!

Team Code for All
(Krzysztof & Grace)

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Code for All is the largest civic tech network in the world, amplifying the impact of good ideas through a global network of local organisations.

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Code for All

Code for All is the largest civic tech network in the world, amplifying the impact of good ideas through a global network of local organisations.