Code for All Dispatch —May 2019 Edition

Our monthly newsletter is one of the ways we keep up with each other and share resources, funding opportunities and challenges. Now, we’re opening it up to our wider community.

Grace O'Hara
May 1 · 6 min read
Slashroots Foundation’s Denique was recently featured in this publication — congrats!

👋 Hello friend,

Welcome to your May update from Code for All. It was so great catching up with many of our network on our recent board call and chatting through the things we’re thinking about and planning. Thank you to all who attended for your time, thoughts and energy.

For those who weren’t able to join us, here’s what’s top of mind in and around the network this month.

A quick note about this newsletter: Most of our member newsletter is dedicated to facilitating sharing and growth within the network, and so some links and content will be modified here, in the community version. In the spirit of openness, we’ve tried to leave as much as possible to show how we work.

You’ll see [members only] to indicate where a link or document has been removed that is restricted to members only.

⏰ Sixty Minute Sprint

Where you’ll find the stuff that’s most pressing for the network, which won’t ever be more than an hour of your time, total.

  • Strategist and/or Fundraiser needed. We are looking for someone to contract to help us with finalizing network’s Theory of Change. Applicants are encouraged to reach out to Krzysztof or Grace for a chat about next steps [10 mins]
  • We need more answers on what were the top things you got out of the network last year? How did we support your work? Or how could have done better? If you didn’t get anything tangible out of the network that’s also an answer. Let us know here [members only]
  • Those of you who yet didn’t, please fill in basic stats of your programs (across many years) [members only]
  • If you weren’t able to make it to either of the board call meetings, you can review the notes and add your thoughts here [members only]

✋ Hands up for help. If you want to put in some more time for Code for All this is where we’re most needing help. This month, we really need help spreading the word about the Strategist / Fundraiser role above. Please share with your networks and colleagues that might be interested.

👪 Code for All Updates

  • At the Board meeting in October 2018 in Bucharest we started a strategic planning process that concluded by two board calls and a Loomio vote in 2019Q1. Here is a summary of the results [members only].
  • We created a listing of grants received for Code for All and current proposal leads that might support network development [members only].
  • We created a premium account on Funds For NGOs. Krzysztof will forward you relevant calls, but let Krzysztof know if if you want to hop on weekly sent email alerts in Code for All relevant area, or if you are looking for specific project funding.
  • The Adobe licenses are now live. Let Grace know if you have any trouble accessing them. We’ll also be working to capture stories of impact later in the year, so keep an eye out for interesting things they are being used for.
  • Seeing how Adobe licenses were supportive a short reminder: Krzysztof talked to friends’ friends and got 30% discount for UxPin: “The entire UX process in one place. Prototype and scale design and development.” Write to Krzysztof to get a discounted license.

📰 Member Updates

  • Code for Pakistan 🇵🇰 has completed and is now ready to launch the android app ‘Zeropoint’. The app will be a medium of communication between the citizens and administration of Islamabad. We are also now accepting applications for the 5th cycle of the KP Government Innovation Fellowship Program. We have started to collect problem statements for 5 more exciting projects with the KP government this year.
  • Code for Japan 🇯🇵 collaborated with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to develop an information search app prototype for medium-sized businesses through an agile process.
  • Code for Canada 🇨🇦 have completed recruitment for their third — and largest — cohort of fellows. Head over to their blog to meet the new fellows, and learn more about their projects! They’re also hosting a Global Civic Tech Salon as part of the Open Government Partnership Summit in Ottawa on May 28. If you’ll be in Canada for the Summit, check it out!
  • ePanstwo 🇵🇱 is in the process to become European Partnership for Democracy network member. Their colleagues at Watchdog Monitoring Network launched a tool to crowdsource answers to FOIA request. For every FOIA sent, you also create a webform asking the same questions. When answer comes volunteers fill-in the form and their results are cross-checked with other volunteers.
  • g0v 🇹🇼 together with Code for Japan and Parti Coop activists & civic hackers in Korea, g0v contributors are preparing 2019 Facing the Ocean Meet & Hack in Okinawa June 8th -9th. Register now!
  • Code for Australia 🇦🇺 are kicking off another Fellowship this week, with their first ever Data Scientist and Machine Learning specialist, stay tuned. We’re also about to announce our new captain — keep an eye on our blog, or join remotely at our Open House to meet them.

Reps — please hit reply and tell us about what’s happening in your organisation or jump in and add it to the next edition here [members only].

🚒 Member Challenges + Offers

In the spirit of peer learning and shared growth, here’s where you can post a challenge you’re facing (🔥) or offer of help (🧯) to others.

  • 🧯 Code for All — is capturing stories of collaboration from the network. Got an interesting story? Let Grace know so she can help document it and create content to share.
  • 🔥 Code for Pakistan is struggling to develop an open data portal in a pro-bono capacity where citizens can access meaningful information. Openasterisk is a new initiative and got few data sets available for public now. Reach out to Sidra if you’re able to assist.

To respond to any of the offers or challenges above, get in touch with the representative for the organisation to find out more.

Or, add any challenges or offers you want to share to the next edition here [members only].

👓 Emerging Themes

This is where we identify common themes we’re seeing in the network.

  • The work around sensors is growing with new friends in Albania (who are considering Luftdaten) joining us on Slack, and an exciting partnership between Code for Africa and Liquid Telecom being established to extend their work further.
  • The civic tech field guide is growing with curators joining to help document specific projects and organisations in each country. Interested in curating the civic tech field guide for your country? Reach out to @mstem on Slack or Twitter, or hit reply and we can connect you.

🔭 Funding Opportunities

This is where we share opportunities we’ve stumbled upon lately.

🐰 That’s all folks!

If you’re hungry for more, here’s how you can find out what Code for All is working on and get involved.

  • If you want to see what Code for All are working on, head over to Trello for our working notes or drop an idea for us here [members only]
  • Our weekly planning calls and monthly retros are open for any to dial into to observe and provide feedback. Click here to see what’s coming up for the month and add yourself to the invite [members only]
  • Or read through and leave feedback on our latest ExCo minutes from 8th April and 22nd April [members only]. The current ExCo members are Codeando México, Code for NL and Slashroots.

To get in touch with Code for All and tell us what *|MMERGE6|* has been up to, hit reply to this email, find us on Slack (@kaymadejski and @grace).

Until next month — keep up the good work!

Team Code for All
(Krzysztof, Lailah & Grace)

If you want these to land in your inbox directly, you can subscribe here. Dispatches are usually dispatched on the first Tuesday of the month.

If you have any suggestions or opportunities to share, my inbox is always open or you can find me on Slack (@grace) anytime.

Code for All

Code for All is the largest civic tech network in the world, amplifying the impact of good ideas through a global network of local organisations.

Grace O'Hara

Written by

Storyteller at Code for Australia & Small Fires. Trying to figure this world out in between, sometimes with words, mostly with action.

Code for All

Code for All is the largest civic tech network in the world, amplifying the impact of good ideas through a global network of local organisations.

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