Brigades Present Housing Projects in the Network

This week, Code for America Brigades, Brigade community partners and Code for America Community Fellows discussed projects in the network focused on housing. Topics ranging from ensuring tenant rights, to projects aimed at assisting homeless populations were showcased in an effort to share knowledge and increase visibility into the work that is being done in communities across the country. Code for Asheville, BeLoved Asheville, Open Austin, Code for San Jose, Code for Boulder, and Code for Boston shared their work, as well as lessons learned in the projects they have embarked upon.

Watch the workshop to learn more:


Julie Kim and Yan-Yin Choy, Code for San Jose, (14:00) Renter’s Rights Guide

Eric Jackson, Code for Asheville, and Rev. Amy Cantrell, BeLoved Asheville, (24:00) Code for Asheville and BeLoved Asheville partnership

Rohan Mathur, Open Austin and Community Fellow, (46:00) Housing Affordability in Austin

Mike Homner, Code for Boulder, (1:02:40) Upswyng

Matt Zagaja, Code for Boston, (1:19:00) Legal Housing

The next workshop is scheduled for Wednesday, August 1 at 4:00pm PT / 7:00pm ET. Jen Pahlka, Code for America Founder and Executive Director, will talk about Delivery Driven Government and facilitate discussion among Brigade members.

A special thank you to Tom Dooner for his work on securing a safe workshop.



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