Code for America Network’s Code of Conduct Report 2018 Q3

Last quarter, we published our first Code of Conduct transparency report for the quarter. We’re continuing to posting these every quarter.

These reports won’t include actions taken at Code for America main events like Summit and Brigade Congress, which will both have separate reports. We also aren’t including any actions that are currently pending; those will be included in the next quarter’s report.


  1. The Network Team was asked by the captain and the core team of a Brigade for support in removing a member due to his attitude in working with other members of the Brigade. The Network Team hosted a meeting between the core team and the member. The member left amicably and no further action was taken.
  2. Mediation between two Brigade captains failed. Meetup data shows that attendance had dropped considerably since the beginning of mediation. As discussed at the start of the process, if the mediation failed the Network Team would ask for new leadership of the Brigade. Having failed in mediation talks, the Network Team asked for new leadership for the Brigade. One captain then opted to have the Brigade leave the network as per the MOU. There is now a new Brigade being formed in that city.
  3. The Network Team was contacted by a concerned captain regarding a unprompted message sent to one of their members via Meetup. The message was sent by an individual that had never attended a Brigade meeting before. The captain’s attempts to clarify this individual’s interest in the group failed to garner an adequate answer. After consultation, the decision was made to bar this person from attending the meeting. They did not appear in person and no further action was taken.


The Network Team continues to work to improve its process for enforcing the Code of Conduct as well as working to create a more inclusive environment within the Brigades.

We hope that these quarterly reports not only provide transparency into our process, but give insight into how we’re working to improve it.